Why is not Tulsi Gabbard at the debates?

Tulsi Gabbard is running for US President to bring about a sea change in the longstanding foreign policy of the US which wages endless regime change wars.  Why is she not allowed to be on the debate stage at this point in the 2020 campaign?  Democrats need to ask themselves that question.

Her message needs to be heard by prospective Democrat primary voters in the remaining states to conduct primary elections.  As well, the American people, who can watch televised debates, ought to have the opportunity to hear her message and views.  Yet, what we now have is a sad spectacle of two old men with outdated and failed ideas verbally jousting.  Why does the party establishment not want fresh ideas in an important area to be heard and discussed?

It it time that the US get out of the business of waging wars of regime change around the globe (either directly through the commitment of US military forces, or by proxy, and/or by punitive economic sanctions).  This would help to promote peace and stability, and America would make fewer enemies around the world in the years ahead.  It is past time for the American people to have this policy discussion.  But, sadly it is business as usual as the US spends record amounts on defense that exceed the rest of the world’s expenditures for national defense combined.

As an independent, who is not a member of any political party, I say that Tulsi Gabbard could match up well against President Trump in the election.  She might even beat him, if she were the Democrat nominee.  She is smart, can think on her feet, and is articulate.  Yet, the establishment that runs the Democrat Party will not let her be heard, and instead pushes old Joe Biden on the country as the alternative to Donald Trump.  Biden?  Really?!  His brain seems to have become greatly ossified in the past few years.  He cannot speak for more than a few minutes without committing serious gaffs.  Biden does not instill confidence in many independent voters.

American empire

Do not look to 1898, nor to 1917 for America’s drive for empire.  Look at the policies of Franklin Roosevelt (FDR) for the genesis of the American Empire and the power of the military industrial complex.  FDR did everything in his power from 1936 on to provoke Japan, and then Germany so that he could get the US into a war.  (See Prof. Charles Tansill’s book, Back Door To War, 1952, published by Regnery.  FDR also goaded Britain and France to go to war with Germany in 1939.)  Why did he do that?  Because his New Deal was an abysmal failure.  He also envisioned running a post war world with Soviet dictator, Josef Stalin.  Contrary to what the official history tells us, and contrary to what many in the generation that lived through the time believed, FDR was no demigod, but rather was a very evil man, more of a demon than a demigod.

After more than 75 years of American militarism, perhaps more accurately called imperialism, it is time for an end to the American Empire for the sake of world peace, stability and development.  Yet, for that to happen, the US dollar may need to collapse and be replaced by another world reserve currency.  Perhaps, that is not too many years away now.

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  1. An excellent perspective and commentary! I have supported Tulsi from Day One and have, in truth, placed more of my retirement stipend in her coffers than I can easily accommodate. Along the way, I would have enthusiastically supported a Gabbard-Yang ticket, and now I’d go with Sanders-Gabbard. Biden is a disgrace in so many ways, and he is obviously mired in dementia. The Democratic Party half of the duopoly seems to be fine with Trump’s re-relection.

    The upcoming Sunday “debate” between “two old white guys” will for sure not have me as an observer.

    1. Hey Robert,

      If Biden is the nominee, then his VP selection will be important. If Biden were to win, he could be judged incompetent sometime in his first term, and then the Vice President would take over as the President.

  2. Good point! It seems that the Democratic Party and MSM are pushing hard for Biden. I’ve had my eye on potential VPs for Biden and don’t like what I see — Klobuchar, Buttigieg, Harris…? — either as VP or possible POTUS. Sadly, I expect at this point to simply throw my vote away to a third-party candidate. (I wonder if Sanders-Tulsi might “make the jump”? Tulsi early on insisted that she had no interest in third-party candidacy, but if Sanders took the initiative, she might have a way to make it happen.)

    In any case, IMO, our country seriously needs a change in mindset, especially in foreign affairs and more especially in the MIC drain on resources and ways forward that benefit the country and humanity. Of course, the Israel/Zionist Lobby is always the elephant in the room, driving at micro or macro level nearly any issue that arises. It is indeed the Benjamins, and the power and influence that derive therefrom….

    1. We may be in the early stages of the end of the US dollar’s hegemony and unchallenged status as world’s reserve currency. We may see a tremendous unwinding in international finances in the coming months. Corona Virus is just the pretext as this crisis of fiat money and distortion of markets and asset values has been simmering for some time now. The FED has been injecting tons of cash into the overnight repo market for the past six months. So few have noticed.

      Bottom line is that 2020 is going to be a painful and shocking year. BIden, the court jester, the fool, the idiot and liar, may just be elected.

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