Friday follies: some thoughts on the reactions to Corona Virus

Why are we not surprised that the most extreme measures are coming from the ideologically driven liberal states of California and New York?  Is this media hyped crisis the pretext for yet another government power grab?

Governor Newsom of California had said earlier this week that martial law was not being considered “at this time”.  Then, last night, he instructs the people of the most populous US state to shelter in place for the next 4 weeks as he asserts that within 8 weeks time more than 25 million residents (more than 60 per cent) in CA will become infected with COVID-19.  First off, he is pulling numbers out of his backside and these are not supported by any responsible doctor or credible scientific research.

But, wait, all this at the state level came days after 6 counties in the San Francisco Bay Area ordered their citizens to remain at home.  So, we see that even at the local level there are officials seizing upon the opportunity afforded by the virus to grab power.  Is this responsible government?  The cost of this shutdown of major sectors of the state’s economy will likely far outweigh in dollars and suffering the worst scenario for this virus pandemic.  By greatly reducing economic activity in the 2 large states of CA and NY, the US economy will be damaged, and will not likely recover in time for the election in November.  Thus, we see that Democrats see yet another means to thwart Trump’s efforts at being re-elected.  Am I wrong in assigning less than honorable intentions to some of these politicians?  (Americans need to be careful here.  As bad as Trump may be on some issues, the prospect of a Biden presidency is scary.  Biden’s brain has ossified.  If elected, he will be a puppet of powers behind the scenes and likely worse than Trump in a second term of office.)

One thing is for sure for California and New York and their spend thrift, bloated bureacratic state governments.  There are going to be massive revenue shortfalls as tax revenues (both sales taxes and personal and business income taxes) will plummet for months to come.  How will these states cope with that?  What might they do?  Woe to the citizens of such states in these terrible times.

Taking a step back, we see a very sheep like populace that will do anything that it is ordered to do by government here in the US.  But, what is going to happen if the shelves in the super markets stay empty for long periods of time?  Will we see food riots?  Will we see inner cities burn this summer?  (Releasing prisoners early as is happening in some large US cities is not helping either.  How does creating a public safety crisis help to solve a public health crisis?)

Is collapsing the US economy the best way to deal with this crisis?  How does panic and mass hysteria help the situation?!  Is this whole “crisis” just a major psy-op to see how people en masse behave under stress and uncertainty?

One thing the governors, Cuomo of NY and Newsom of CA, need to consider is that when they activate the National Guard units in their respective states the operational control of those units goes back to the US military.  Trump, as Commander-in-Chief, can have the final say on what those Guardsmen actually do.  Trump has declared this crisis a “national emergency” and so has acquired extra-Constitutional powers to deal with this emergency as he sees fit.  (Posse Comatitus (1878) will be suspended due to the nature and alleged severity of the national emergency.)

Let us not overlook the ideologically driven US news media.  Watch or listen to the daily updates from the White House and the questions coming from the journalists in the live audience.  A few of these folks are still trying to one up Trump with their stupid inflammatory questions.  Trump is correct in slapping these fools down from time to time.  If those in the news media are not part of the solution, then we conclude that they are part of the problem.

Enough for now.  We offer some links for further relevant reading for those interested.  We will continue to go about our daily living during this crisis, and from time to time will sip our evening whiskey in the privacy and relative security of our home.


This is a good post from earlier today that warns us of the dangers of governments grabbing powers during a crisis, and the dangers of citizen apathy.

the lesson of covid-19

How the world may be changed by this crisis:

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From the Tao of Anarchy blog, we offer these 2 links.

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And, for conspiracy theory buffs, or just folks with healthy skepticism . . .

#FYI: 9/11 Truth, Coronavirus Truth: Zionist Hysteria, MSM Lockdown: War on the Horizon?


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