What exactly is wrong with 5G ? Cellular calcification.

Truly frightening. But, can people rise up to stop the all out threat to our health?

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(source) 5G is going to be literally everywhere. It will affect you every day, all day. There will be few places in the world remaining to escape the effects of this technology. And then there is the fact that ALL LIFE is affected, just as we are.

5G doesn’t ’cause’ lung disease, or any other formalized disease, per se.
5G does affect mental functions. Directly. By causing brain cell function disorders.

Voltage-gated calcium channels in our cells

Many types of cells in your body contain what are called voltage-gated calcium channels in their cell membranes.

The MAJOR problems with 5G is that it causes serious impairment of cellular Voltage-Gated-Calcium-Channel (VGCC) function.

Under the 24/7 constant force of pummeling pulsed 5G EMFs, the cell loses control of how much calcium it allowsinside its domain.

Calcium ion balance and control is a VERY critical function of cellular metabolism

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