banned books available online

At least for now, there are banned books that are still available for purchase online for interested readers and students of history.  These books below are not available on Amazon (with the one exception of Megacaust at this time).

Fortunately, Alibris is still selling many books banned by Amazon online.  We applaud Alibris for so far not capitulating to special interest pressure groups that want to censor freedom of expression and stifle free and open inquiry into taboo topics.

Here are five books that stimulate thinking in directions contrary to what we have all been taught since childhood.  In Who Started World War II?  Truth for a War-Torn World, German author, Udo Walendy draws upon archival and personal diary sources to inform readers of all that was going on in international diplomatic and governmental circles in the period preceding the outbreak of the war in Europe.  (One of the books in the bibliography is Back Door To War, by Prof Charles Tansill, 1952.  We read that informative tome back in 2007.)  We received this book yesterday (from Alibris) and plan on keeping it as a reference book.  With 500 pages, it is packed with many facts not widely known about the players who worked to bring about war in Europe in 1939.  Clearly, it is not honest nor objective for the world to place blame for the outbreak of war on Germany any longer.  Why is the current edition in English not allowed to be sold on Amazon, even by Marketplace sellers?



When I hear of books being banned, I often will purchase more than one copy of such books.  That way I can lend out or give to an interested relative or friend a copy of a good but hard to obtain work.  This next book, The Bad War, was part of the “high tech book burning” on Amazon in early March, 2017.  This was despite having received hundreds of 5 star reader reviews!  Mike King’s now banned classic is worth reading and pondering.  This work is easier to read than the above book and goes back a century or so further back into European history to give better context to the world wars of the 20th century.

Interested readers can obtain a paperback copy or an ebook format from King’s new website, aptly named “the real history channel” (see link below).  You will never view the history of the world changing Second World War the same way again after reading The Bad War.  (This work is so important that I have 3 copies now in my personal library, as we do not know how much longer readers will be able to purchase it given increasing censorship and other tactics being currently used to silence dissenting voices.)



Megacaust, by Michael Walsh, is currently still available on Amazon (yet it banned his Life in The Reich some time back), but I purchased my copy from Alibris.  Did you know that it is estimated that 170 million human beings were murdered by governments or on the orders of governments around the world in the 20th century (and, the majority died outside of war time)?  Hence, the title of this book – Megacaust.  We have read this book this weekend, and recommend it for readers to gain a truer perspective on how dangerous and lethal government is, even in so-called democracies.  It is a pity and terrible shame that some of the worst mass murderers in history never stood trial for their truly heinous and horrific crimes.

We offer one quote from Megacaust:

“I have been boiling mad for years over the ‘war crimes trials’ which I think were despicable and contemptible, and smack more of ancient Rome’s barbarism than of a so-called civilized country.  Not only were the ‘war crimes trials” one of the blackest spots on our recent black (and Red) history, but the bombing of the only two Christian cities in Japan in August, 1945, via the atomic bomb calls to high heaven for retribution.”  – Taylor Caldwell, American (woman) novelist, page 85. 

The site selection of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is controversial to say the least.  But, that is a story for another time.  President Truman, a high degree mason, approved the annihilation of 2 civilian population centers which did happen to be the only 2 cities in Japan with notable Christian populations.  Just as the holocaust of Dresden six months previously (on Ash Wednesday and St. Valentine’s Day) was not necessary, the atomic bombings were not needed to end the war in the Pacific.

We will have more to say on Allied atrocities and outrages at the end of our essay.



This next taboo book, Eternal Strangers, is available on Alibris (copyright January, 2020).  We have yet to read this as it arrived yesterday.  We did read a few pages and it looks to be hard hitting.  The theme appears to be that all throughout recorded history the people known as Jews have exhibited certain character traits that provoke the ill will of others towards them.  The worst of these traits is the Jews’ misanthropy, or hatred of all other peoples, and their superiority complex (going back to Old Testament mandates) which gives rise to Jewish Supremacism.  Perhaps, we will do a book review of this new book at some future point.  The book does provide many quotes by a whole host of notable figures in Western Civilization history over the past two thousand or more years which are critical of Jews and their behavior.  (As we have maintained for several years now, no group ought to be above legitimate critique.  There are no sacred cows at this blog.)



This last book is available on Alibris, but we had already purchased our copies from The Barnes Review online bookstore.  This book will never be sold on Amazon, of that you can be sure.

The premise of The Jewish Hand in the World Wars is that the influential Jews (in many fields) greatly influenced world leaders (in Europe and in the US) to force war on to Germany in 1939.  This was after prominent Jews had earlier worked to bring the US into the First World War in 1917 so that Germany was defeated, and then endured the terribly punitive and unjust diktats of Versailles after that war.  The author also informs us of the Jewish makeup of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, and early Soviet government (until Stalin began to purge them late in the 1930s, and more so after 1945).



Here we will include a couple of insightful quotes from the above book.

” . . . One wonders: If the public had known of the ultimate cost – some 420,000 American deaths, andv roughly $4.2 trillion (present-day equivalent) – would they have embraced war, even after Pearl Harbor?  Or would they perhaps have put FDR and his Jewish supporters on trial, for fraud, treason, and war crimes?”  p.128

And, here:

” . . . On all fronts, it was powerful and influential Jews driving peaceful people toward war, in order to destroy the hated Nazi regime – hated simply because they sought a nation free of Jewish influence.”  p. 134


final thoughts

Readers beware:  If you read these books, you might reach 2 unsettling conclusions.

1. That the Allied victors blamed the victims (Germans) for the war that they forced on to Germany in 1939.  They did this and helped perpetuate the holocaust tale (which failed the forensic tests) so as to direct attention away from their heinous and barbaric atrocities (see Megacaust and The Bad War above).  A compliant news media helped to cover up such outrages.  We have previously posted on the various Allied holocausts which are truly heart wrenching to read about.

2.  The Jews are not perpetual, innocent victims but are continual villains and self-interested schemers.  (Here we call to mind the words of the Slavic blogger, Andrea:  “The Jews have 2 rules:  What is good for Jews is good, and what is bad for Jews is bad.”)  And, that their destructive influence in Western societies must be curtailed.

We offer a final quote from The Jewish Hand in the World Wars:

“The sad truth of this ‘accursed race’ seems to be this:  Whenever they exceed a fraction of a percent of a given population, they become a disruptive and degenerate force.  A critical mass forms, and then, by some strange and mysterious process, the worst aspects of humanity come to the fore.  When they reach two or three percent of a nation, they are able to utterly dominate political, economic, and intellectual discourse.  And when they dominate a global superpower – as in the United States today – then all the world must live in fear.”  p. 160-1


Anti-Semtism, or painful truths?  You be the judge.


copyright 2020 –

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