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Today, my wife and I had to stand 6 feet apart while in queue to enter a super market.  Each of us was allowed in only after another customer exited the store a short distance away.

What fake crap it all is.  The media hype is in over drive and the best medicine is to turn the television off.  Listen to quality rock music (from the 80s or the 70s), or read a good book (an actual book in paper form, not an e-book).

With a death rate that cannot be that high (remember the total exposed and infected must be many times the official number as only a tiny fraction of one percent of the world’s population (7.8 billion persons) has been tested, and then we cannot speak to the accuracy of these tests, now can we?), we are all to stay at home and watch the daily destruction of the world’s economy.  Oh my, what may be coming when frightened people begin to get hungry and angry and frustrated and bored?

This whole story has stunk like a week old dead animal on the side of the road in the hot July sun since day one.  You readers use your common sense here and do not believe the bullshit that is fed to us nonstop by the talking heads on TV and radio.  100 thousand deaths in the US are now expected, eh?  The usual flu season does that or more each winter, and we do not close the economy and society down for it.

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For those interested, we share these relevant links.

Was this the blueprint for today’s mass panic over a flu virus?!

#2010 Rockefeller Foundation Paper and The New Normal

The next article is from the ethnic European blog site, but non-Europeans ought to read it as well:

how do we flatten the curve on mass hysteria

We hear so much about a vaccine in the works, but what if that is phony as well?

the virus vaccine is a scam

Yes, when will the lock downs precipitate a violent push back?

when will covid-19 lock downs lead to civil unrest and violence

An interesting post here.  And, we must accept that death is part of life.  Oh dear, science and technology and lots of money still cannot save us from that.

#FYI: The Things You CANNOT Say About Coronavirus




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  1. David Icke in his latest videos says it is all a big scam. There is no COVID-19 virus. I tend to think David Icke is correct, although I am still studying the matter.

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