the one freedom they cannot take from us

The one freedom they cannot take from us is the freedom to choose how we deal with or how we react and respond to the constraints imposed on us.  By now, millions are beginning to question this near global lock down over a strain of flu virus (hyped to hysterical proportions by a corrupt news media).  What other demands will be placed upon the citizenry by authoritarian governments?  And, no doubt, much like after 9-11, we here in the US will emerge from this “crisis” with less freedoms.  Of that, we can be sure.

How will you choose to react to more government edicts and diktats that take more of your rights away?  Will you queue up for mandatory vaccines that will be neither effective (due to a rapidly mutating virus) nor safe (as these are filled with toxic heavy metals, and various nuero toxins)?  What will you do?

It is not too early to consider how you will choose to respond to more reductions of your rights.  And, take a moment or two now to ponder the first sentence above.  Until the government puts an electronic chip inside your brain or thoroughly drugs you into zombified submission, you still have the freedom to choose how to respond to its overreach.  And, we can go further here, and suggest that how we choose to respond can include proactive efforts and actions in advance of expected government diktats.  Such actions could be individual or collective.

Now, as to the current lock down and stay at home orders, we recall one of the many books by Alan Watts (died 1973), that we read some years back.  In one of these, he writes that a person he knew did not have the money to travel around the world, so this man decided to take a tour around his back yard and enjoy the different aspects and areas of his yard.  Perhaps this man was engaged in a sort of walking zen meditation while in his back yard.  The point here is that we Americans, trapped in a materialistic and consumerist mindset that grasps at life and reflects our bodily level of consciousness (we are far from a spiritual level of consciousness), do not need to be globe trotting to experience some simple pleasures that are always at hand.  Getting back to a simpler life, and simpler pleasures may be a good tonic for both our psyches and our souls.

Here is a link to a recent post from Australia that is worth reading:

Flu season starts when big pharma markets millions of flu vaccines

Truth, as they say, really is stranger than fiction.

other non related thoughts

When I think of the gruesome and needless suffering inflicted upon poor animals during cruel methods of animal slaughter, such as Halal (Islamic) and Kosher (Jewish), it makes me physically ill with a visceral reaction.  Yet, we are supposed to respect these primitive, barbaric and superstitious practices, or at least those who practice these.  If one’s concept of God demands such cruelty, it ought not surprise us that such “religious” persons will kill and inflict suffering on other human beings.  (A cursory survey of true history confirms this.)

All Western countries ought to ban, as in make illegal, these cruel methods of animal slaughter.  We have made female genital mutilation (FGM, another barbaric relic of a darker age) illegal, and we can outlaw Halal and Kosher slaughter.  (Of course, the idiots who serve the Jews will never go along with anything that is contrary to the Jews.  And, those who fear the Muslims will work to appease them.)

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  1. I agree with your point of view. However, if the west had taken a more proactive approach rather than an arrogant one, it wouldn’t have lost so many lives.

    1. Thanks for your comment. It is looking more and more like a greatly exaggerated and distorted “crisis”. Economies ought not to have been shut down.

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