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My thoughts for the day.

Men who are confident in themselves build up, they create.

Men who are unsure of themselves and are defective in spirit or character destroy.

Why do I think that?

An example to illustrate my words above are the Allied leaders in World War II.  What did Churchill, FDR and Stalin ever create or build up?  They were destroyers.  They all were defective in character and spirit.  That is one lesson from 20th century history that we are not supposed to learn.  (One could, I suppose, say they built up war states and war machines.  But, is that a positive thing?  They did nothing to build up culture.)

Allied atrocities we rarely, if ever hear about

The current hysteria and gripping fear over the Corona Virus may put a damper on the celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the end of the war in Europe (May, 1945).  But, we will not likely hear anything about the Allied atrocities committed both during and especially after the war.

Why are the barbaric Allied atrocities of the period (including mass rapes of millions of women and children) covered up?  (Burying the truth is a form of lying.)  These outrages cry out to heaven for justice.  The holier than thou Western democracies (perhaps more accurately termed plutocracies) were guilty of terrible crimes – it was not just the Asiatic hordes in the bestial Red Army that committed atrocities.  Eisenhower’s death camps along the Rhine River caused the deaths of more than a million German POWs after the end of the war by starvation and exposure.  As well, Americans troops, GIs, thousands of miles from their home towns, raped French women after the “D-Day” invasion and then German women after entering Germany in 1945.  I bet these members of “the greatest generation” did not tell or boast of their crimes to their families upon returning to the US.  They carried their guilt with them to their graves.

These and other Allied crimes (the forced expulsions of millions of ethnic Germans from their homes in the East, and the forced repatriation to Stalin of millions of anti-communist Slavs for death or slave labor, the purposeful starvation of German civilians in the western zones of occupation) I was already aware of, but upon perusing the books in Michael Walsh’s Witness to History series last night, the poignant, searing awareness of these heartbreaking outrages hit me hard again.  This hidden history has to be more widely known.  Thankfully, several brave researchers and authors have contributed to our growing knowledge of these wanton acts of barbarism by the “saviors of civilization”.  We note in passing the names of Michael Walsh, John Wear, Thomas Goodrich, and Mike King who have written well researched books in the past several years exposing much of this hidden and dark history.  As well, previous authors who have since passed away (died) made very significant and notable contributions such as the late James Bacque.

Each day, I take a few minutes to reflect on this hidden and cruel history (including the outrages committed against the Japanese civilians during the war through terror bombing of cities).  At least a few concerned citizens will not forget these victims of Allied crimes.  We can only pray for justice for the victims (some making whole again, some recompense) and for the demonic war criminals (some punishment) in a future plane of existence.  And, if these sentiments offend Jews – too bad!

Judaism: invented as a justification or divine sanction for Jewish behavioral traits?

Readers, none of us has a moral obligation to remain in the ranks of the uninformed, the ignorant and the insane.  If we choose to do so, to remain in such ranks, then it is because of sloth and cowardice.  We must not be lazy and fail to use our reasoning abilities.  We must not be afraid to ask taboo questions in our sincere quest for truth and understanding.  Remember that.

It is no secret that Jews are, and have been throughout their long history, possessed by a virulent misanthropy (hatred of all others).  They have acted for millennia in a very chauvinistic and selfish manner, both individually and collectively wherever on the Earth they were residing.  This is not my personal opinion.  No.  It is the considered opinion of many of the leading figures in Western history during the past 2,300 years.  (This is extensively documented in the below book.)  Let us be clear here as to what we mean: Jews are the people, the nation, the ethnic group that is dispersed across many lands throughout the world.  Whether they are adherents of Judaism (the religion) in the modern world is not the critical factor as their common behavioral traits appear again and again in both atheistic Jews and among religious Jews.  Indeed, you find Jews of all stripes and persuasions holding to 2 binding factors, namely Israel and the “holocaust” – these bind the Jews together across the world today, and reinforce Jewish identity and Jewish group consciousness.

An interesting suggestion is hinted at in the pages of Thomas Dalton’s recent book, Eternal Strangers: Critical Views of Jews and Judaism through the Ages.  Was Judaism invented by the Jews (the people) to give justification to, or divine sanction to their misanthropy and their feelings of superiority (Jewish Supremacism)?  Consider the Old Testament mandates that inform Jews of their “chosen” status, and that the nations of the world will serve them.  As well, for those with a strong stomach, peruse the Talmud and what it has to say on how Jews ought to treat non-Jews.  The Talmud, an allegedly religious collection of books, instructs Jews to disrespect non-Jews and allows criminal behavior against non-Jews.

The point here is that Jewish behavioral traits appear to predate the Old Testament being committed to writing.  Thus, we have a bit of a mystery.  Were the “revealed” or “inspired” books of the Old Testament the source of Jewish misanthropy and of feelings of Jewish superiority to all others?  Or, did the Jews already possess these traits and their priests merely invented a religious belief system that gave God’s approval to these behavioral traits?  And, we point out that these behavioral characteristics have been found among Jews across time and across cultures wherever they have been residing.

For some, such questions may be appear as heresy or apostasy.  Be that as it may, we cannot ignore this Jewish misanthropy given the power the Jews wield in the modern world.

An interesting question comes to mind given the millennia old Jewish behavioral traits.  Whether you believe the Exodus occurred from Egypt, or from Ethiopia (across the Red Sea to Yemen), were the Jews fleeing slaves, innocent victims of persecution, or were they being expelled for having taken advantage of the host society?  Again, such questions may appear as heretical or as apostasy to some readers.

We will end this essay with a quote from the book pictured below.  This quote is from the late Bobby Fischer, who won the world chess championship in 1972 while in his late 20s.  Fischer was half Jewish, so we can conclude that he knew something of Jewish thinking and behavior.

From page 152, we read this.

In 1999 he railed against “world Jewry”:

“They invented the Holocaust story.  There’s no such thing. . . . They’ve been pulling this shit from time immemorial about persecution.  They’re a filthy, lying, bastard people. . . . Study the history.”

We can only opine that it has been a useful strategy for Jews over the centuries:  always claim to be innocent victims of persecution to deflect attention from their nefarious schemes and actions.  It is also worth noting that one’s religious beliefs do affect how one sees Jewish behavior and to what extent one believes that Jews are victims rather than villains.

As Fischer mentioned the holocaust in his quote above, and we discussed Allied war crimes in the World War II period above, we will say that based on our extensive readings of both officially accepted histories of the period and of revisionist works over many years, a question needs to be asked.  Was the war in Europe a war to save the Jews (if you believe the official holocaust story), or was it a war to save Jewish power at the international level?  The western democracies were greatly influenced by Jewish international finance, and the Soviet Union is correctly called a Judeo-Bolshevik regime.  Germany’s political and economic model under National Socialism was opposed to both.



Feel free to flame me with the smear of “anti-Semitism”.  It bothers me not.

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