Millennials Losing Hope

A sad situation for the younger generations.

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The speaker in the video is David Hoffman, a filmographer who followed the lives of many noteworthy people (including many artists and musicians), and the historical events of his generation. He has seen a lot of life.

He has an important message to people in general, but especially to Millennials.

In addition to Hoffman’s message, I will add that the prospects for dating (or whatever else is going on nowadays), and marriage are abysmal. I can’t even advise marriage in good faith anymore. It’s that bad!

The church is declining in popularity because, in general, it’s not offering truth in Biblical teaching, and it’s not offering community involvement. In sum, it’s not offering anything of value to the younger generations. (I’m sure there are exceptions, but good luck finding them.)

When I see people like Biden, Clinton, Warren, being held up as presidential candidates, I feel embarrassed for…

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