Were state lock downs part of a plot to bring down Trump?

Despite the virtue signalling by governors of some of the largest states in the country, one may not be faulted for asking if these state ordered lock downs of the state economies were intended to bring Trump down by inflecting the maximum economic damage from this flu virus (which is not the Black Death, after all).  It is likely not going to be merely a recession that is soon coming to the US, but rather a Depression.  As in the aftermath of 9-11, when Americans found themselves with less liberties, the new norm that is coming for Americans after this phony crisis passes will be one where Americans are less free and far less prosperous.

Gavin Newsom, Democrat governor of California, quickly shuttered much of the economy of the nation’s most populous state in mid March, as he asserted that within 8 weeks time 60 per cent of the state’s 40 million residents would be infected by this Corona Virus.  I guess the thinking must be that he, through his courageous action, saved millions of lives in his state.  No, Gavin, millions of residents of your state were not going to die from a strain of the flu this year.

As well, what a power grab by governors such as Gretchen Whitmer (Democrat, Michigan).  There are articles appearing now that clearly indicate that governors have acted unlawfully and unconstitutionally in this ongoing power overreach.  Did you hear how in the state of Virginia several hundreds of new laws were rapidly rammed through the state legislature and signed into law by the governor there?

And, before we leave the subject, we must ask why do some of the richest people on Earth always seem to be control freaks?  Bill Gates has been pushing vaccinations worldwide for years now.  Through his foundation, he has been a big financial donor and sponsor of the World Health Organization.  Reject these mandatory vaccines that are coming for this flu virus.  We are never told of all the harmful substances put into these vaccines (this is no “conspiracy theory” thinking either).

If people believed that President Trump was going to drain the swamp and do some real damage to the “Deep State”, his not firing Dr. Anthony Fauci has proved them wrong.  This quack doctor has been in government for almost as many years as Joe Biden.  Fauci does not possess common sense and wines and dines at the same events and with the same elitists as Bill and Melinda Gates do.  Dr, Fauci: the more data that comes in, the more your projections and fear mongering are exposed as fraudulent.  By, now millions more Americans have been exposed to this virus than are counted on the TV screen each day, thus making it far less deadly than your flawed models scared us about weeks ago.  As well, what is up with the cause of death being listed as corona virus for almost all deaths in many hospitals around the country?  More fraud, eh?

That leaves us with the prospect of Joe Biden being elected president in November.  I say this as an independent who is not affiliated with any political party:  Despite Trump’s flaws, of which there are many, I do not see how electing a man whose brain is ossified to the presidency is going to help matters.  And, Biden has given away in some of his remarks in the past several weeks that he knows he is mentally impaired.  Only in America, dear readers, only in America.

after thought

What if this is all Jewish political theatre after all?  We have opined before that both major political parties are effectively controlled by Jews (and Jews are by far the largest financial donors to political campaigns in the country).  We are seeing the actions of 2 competing cliques of Jews for power over us.  Thus, in each national election, the choice given to voters really is about which faction of Jews they desire to rule over them.  Consider, that it is obligatory for a presidential candidate, even during the primaries, to make his/her obeisances at AIPAC.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg had said in a debate earlier this year that he, if elected President, would commit one billion dollars immediately to fight “anti-Semitism” in the US.  No amount of money in the world could stop or eliminate so-called “anti-Semitism” if it is caused by the actions of Jews themselves.

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  1. I prefer the lesser theory that the damage such lockdowns were perceived to do to President Trump were a bonus rather than a stumbling block for Dem politicians, who got caught in power trips and viewed their own actions as the proper role of the State as Parent, Guardian, and Controller of the People

  2. Good article Larry. It really does seem like anyone who is anyone is in on the scam.

    Thanks for mentioning the “Jewish shadow-government civil war” theory.

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