Could the WWII narrative be false?

Yes, it could be, and in fact, it is false.  That is my personal conclusion (and I am not alone in that conclusion) after having studied the period (1930s and 1940s) rather extensively since the early 1990s.

Having arrived at my conclusion some years back, and with more recently published, thoroughly researched, revisionist works having bolstered my confidence in the accuracy (correctness) of my conclusion, I am forced to ask: What else have we been lied to about in the Western world during the past century or more?  (Some months back, we posted an essay about many of the lies that Americans have largely accepted without questioning.)

This is all just food for thought, and an invitation to concerned and interested readers to educate themselves and retain a healthy skepticism towards official narratives.

The World War II official narrative is largely self-serving victors’ propaganda.  And, this raises the issue of an ingrained anti-German bias in Western historiography.  Of what value is “history” if it is not objective and if it buries important facts?  If the history that is put into the text books is propaganda, then the so-called historians are liars (guilty of all 3 forms of a lie).  Now, to be fair, many of these writers of history have not dared to question and dig deep to get at the truth as that means not having any publishers take their work to press.  As well, such free thinkers daring to question official narratives do not get tenure at leading institutions of higher learning in the West.  (Yes, we also have complaints with higher education today as it has become indoctrination.  But, we have already posted on that years back.)  But, if we are to excuse the propagators of lies for the reasons above, then we must conclude these practitioners of history are not interested in the truth and are also quite cowardly.  Oh, you say in their defense that they were not aware of inconvenient truths about the period.  Then, they are incompetent as historians by relying on flawed, truncated and biased source material.  Or, are they just plain lazy?

The truth that no one is allowed to think in the West without risking being smeared as a “Nazi” or an “anti-Semite” is that Hitler made many very reasonable peace proposals both before and after the outbreak of war in Europe in September, 1939 – a war that was forced on to Germany.  As well, powerful forces worked to destroy the German economy from the time that Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in late January,1933.  Terrible boycotts of German exports were initiated throughout Europe and the US beginning in 1933.  For a nation that needed exports to feed itself, these boycotts were economic warfare directed at the German people.  The amazing economic recovery and prosperity that Germany attained within a few years of adopting the National Socialist economic model are all the more amazing given the orchestrated international boycotts against its exports.

Enough.  You will either move on as you are not interested, or you might buy some banned books and expand your range of thinking.  Believe me, you will value what you yourself uncover much more than anything I can give you here.  As I said in a recent post: none of us is under any moral obligation to remain in the ranks of the uninformed, the ignorant, or the insane.

We present 3 images that cause us to pause and ponder.  Think about it.



And, another:



Final image:



Now, we move on to other topics.

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  1. From my view (and I am poor at history), the longitudinal consequences of WW2 is that it moved the world away from Civic nationalism and towards the two extremes of democratic capitalism and socialism/communism. These two extremes continued to war against each other, until eventually, all three forms of social government were destroyed. I read a quote years ago that has always stuck in my mind: The purpose of WW1 and WW2 was not anything related to the goals stated, but it was to restructure society to better fit the interests of a very powerful few.

    1. Thanks Jack for your comment. Your analysis is correct. Real reasons and motives remain hidden, and there are powerful forces at work that are largely unseen by most of us. Did we ever get the truth about 9-11?, or the JFK assassination?, or now about this hyped pandemic over a strain of flu? One thing that will likely happen as the world gets past this current virus crisis, is that we here in the US will be less free and less prosperous.

      But, another point to reflect upon is that socialism/communism and finance capitalism (we are not talking about small business free enterprise, but rather banking and corporate capitalism) are both largely opposed to an authentically Christian society. With all the propaganda blinding us, it is hard to discern the truth in these times.

    2. A further point as to the true reasons for the war in Europe (WW2). Germany basically cut international finance out of the loop with its trading arrangements with its trading partners in central Europe. The German model threatened the major banking interests in London and New York. Life got better in Germany once it was freed from the clutches of the bankers. Such an example could not be allowed to continue, as the bankers feared that such rebellion could be contagious. In the West, the banking interests pretty much rule over us (recall the bank bailouts in the US in late 2008). What we think of as democracy is more like plutocracy in the US.

  2. An excellent, thought-provoking post and comments. I wish I had time…I believe that one must go back (at least) to 1919 and the Treaty of Versailles that vindictively and thoroughly prostrated Germany to conclude WWI…with the pieces to be picked up by … ? — in order to more fully understand the nationalism that came to infuse the land, people and leaders of Germany in succeeding years. Actions, very much including malign actions, have consequences, intended and unintended….

    1. Thanks Robert for your thoughts. Yes, visitors to Germany in the mid 1930s remarked that the Germans had regained their confidence and were no longer demoralised as they had been during the terrible 1920s.

  3. Another bit of history that has been swept under the rug…
    In the decades leading up to WW1, the Holy Roman empire (which included Germany, Austria, Prussia, Holland, and the Netherlands), was by far, the most civilized culture on Earth, financially, culturally, scientifically, you name it. With few exceptions, all the greatest advancements in science, philosophy, technology, music, the arts, etc. were coming out of Germany. Did you ever wonder why all the most noteworthy scientists, mathematicians, and philosophers had German names?
    After WW1, all that was destroyed.

    1. Thanks Jack for your comments. I had seen another item in the recent past that gave the number of wars in the past 200 or so years each European power had been in. Britain was in many more wars than Germany was. In fact, from the item it appeared that in the past few hundred years, the Germans had been far more peaceful than many of their neighbors.

  4. Not the Holy Roman Empire, sorry, I mean the pre-WW1 German Empire.

    “During its 47 years of existence, the German Empire was an industrial, technological, and scientific giant, gaining more Nobel Prizes in science than any other country. Between 1901 and 1918, the Germans won 4 Nobel Prizes in Medicine, 6 Prizes in Physics, 7 Prizes in Chemistry and 3 Prizes in Literature. By 1900, Germany was the largest economy in Europe, surpassing the United Kingdom, as well as the second-largest in the world, behind only the United States.”

  5. My great grandfather was one of Hitler’s Nazi soldiers. Hitler was an evil evil man. Yes history is taught incorrectly but we must never forget how evil Hitler was. Family stories told directly from great grandfather about Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen describe the horror.

    1. I guess we will just have to take your word for it. Pray tell, was your great grandfather at both Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen? If so, in what capacity? As an inmate?

      1. If so, then he knew that these camps were work and transit camps. What the Germans were involved in was ethnic cleansing, not extermination. Jews were transported to what is today called Belarus for resettlement. When the tide of war changed in the East, obviously resettlement there was no longer feasible.

        But, to your point that Hitler was so very very evil. . . . We are force fed the holocaust tale from an early age to condition us to think that the Germans and Hitler were demonically evil. This is done for various reasons. One reason is that it gets continuing reparations from Germany to world Jewry and Israel. Another reason for the propagation of the holocaust tale is that it diverts attention away from the fact that the Western democracies allied themselves with the murderous Bolshevik regime in Russia. And, the holocaust narrative distracts us from the very real and heinous war crimes and atrocities committed against the Germans both during and especially after the war.

        We encourage you to educate yourself as to the truth about the period.

      2. That’s an excellent, measured, objective comment by any yardstick! My grandfather (farming/peasant family) emigrated to the US from Germany in the 1880s period; I may well have had remaining relatives who participated, in what they thought was their patriotic (or conscripted) duty to defend the homeland; I’ll never know. Toward the end of the war, my understanding is that travel routes and supplies (food, medicines, sanitation/disinfecting, clothes) were simply not available to take care of workers in the work camps; typhus came to be a terrible scourge that dwarfed any other cause of camp-inmate deaths. All of that can, IMO, be attributed to the “fog of war” that surely accompanies any long, bitter and debilitating conflict. (A UK chemist, Nick Kollerstrom, wrote an amazing book ~10 years ago [regrets: I cannot recall the title] that resonated deeply with me in its logical and based-on-science and persuasive history of, say, the ’43-’45 years. I think the book cannot be found today, and he is persona non grata in academic and geopolitical fields. I “gave” away my copy of the book to a friend who was so taken by it that she begged me to allow her to read and re-read it and keep it on her bookshelf.)

        Re the “holocaust narrative”: my mother (Scotch-Irish) and hero/mentor from my formative years until her passing instructed me to respect Jewish traditions of social justice and furtherance of music, literature, science/medicine et al; her reading and fact-finding in the ’60s-’70s led her to accept “1.2 million” as about the right number of Jews and others who died along the way of WWII. Mom turned a corner when she noted the force-fed, inviolate accretion to “6 million Jews” and the strident insistence on recognition of victimization, reparations, unconditional US support for any Israeli outrage, etc., and her later years were of far less indulgence of the “narrative.” I’m surely in her corner of the ring of a never-ending “match” that has boxed the Palestinian people into a “concentration camp”/”open-air prison” from which escape — and precedential justice — seem inexorably less likely.

      3. Yes, Nick Kollerstrom has suffered for his research and his books. One of which was titled something like “Breaking the Spell”. He found the transcripts of decoded messages from the alleged death camps to Berlin during the war (the British had broken the German code early in the war). The decoded messages told of how the camp administrators were begging Berlin for help in combating the often raging typhus epidemics. They were trying to save lives! Very odd for the Germans to want to save lives if these camps were extermination centers.

      4. We received this message via the contact form on our blog:

        “Hi there,

        I comment on Sharkly’s blog. Unfortunately, I let my bored teenagers use my laptop to watch Netflix but they decided to have some “fun” on it instead, clicking on different blogs on the sidebar and commenting. My computer skills aren’t good enough to know for sure, but I *think* they have commented on this site, about a supposed great-grandfather who worked with Hitler. This is BS. We live in New Zealand and to the best of my knowledge, there is no Nazi blood in us anywhere. I don’t know what other blogs I have commented on, but I will use my limited computer skills to keep searching.
        My apologies to you. I will keep a tighter rein on my laptop and on my children. Please delete any comments they may have made.
        Thank you.”

        So, you see now we must be more careful in approving comments in these times of global lock downs and bored and mischevious teenagers.

  6. We all live under the jurisdiction rules of “The Talmudic Shetar” unknowingly under the obligation to live within the confine/rules of “implied contract” which circumvents “law and justice” outside of “Autarky” and don’t be asking for legal advice (solicitor) on the issue of “Autarky” as it undermines their in the loop paycheck. 
    Nothing will ever change unless we demand the “anti thesis” to what we exist in today usurious debt based slavery
    “Autarky” is the best kept secret for the victors of WWII.

    “Autarky”  Will deliver land reform as  well as protecting private property, agrarian production and small cottage industries blahh blahh etc etc

    “Autarky” is the only way to oust these banker criminals running our gov, civil service who dictate how we exist within their Zio.structure of inheritance plunder.

    “All European nations need an economy of “Autarky” being a closed economy for self-sufficiency, a protectionist economy which can, if needs be, temporally cease to trade with the outside world until it has reinvigorated internally it’s own industrious, in house economy of “labor and production” which propagandists (WWII victors within their zio-controlled literature) allude to (deflective intent) as being a Marxist doctrine which is the complete opposite to the reality that “Autarky” is the “unspoken of antithesis” to ((their NWO))).
    “Autarky” belongs to a nations last line of defense who’s social-conscience inspires the stance of Nationalism against economic and, or warring aggressors (all wars are bankers wars) who have passively created this Marxist need and greed, self-absorbed, “mummy state dependency” where the wielding baton of submissive guilt policy, statute rules and, regulations have caused the reduction of birth rates, killed off agrarian production and local-ism, as well as small/medium industry, faith and culture, and in its wake made us all demographically vulnerable to their stampede of capricious, grudge-bearing invaders who in ignorance, spurred on by zio-Marxists, are themselves clambering onto the same usury road to misery.

    Once again it’s not hard to deduce from all the cohen’cidental patterns that these unconscionable Jews have had an intoxicating influence within the Christian bible, still in its infancy this 2000 yr old submissive dogma has allowed them to plagiarize and achieve supremacy over the goyim, having construed and distorted “ancient” prophetic script in a dialectic, which shows us (the capable, spiritual Europeans, and our achievements) as the pariah over humankind and sees the Jew as the selective “dower” by legitimizing their usury scam. Once done, it only took a mathematical equation to conclude a global outcome for themselves using the guise of prophecy to deceive goyim/animals.
    Securing “the Shetar” within all guest nations out in their diaspora was another positive “increment” and by “accretion” supremacy was guaranteed by proxy, the crest wave arrived once a homeland “Israel” and two concepts had been secured within its Zionist politics “anti Semitism” and the fictional “6m” both secured into law, the two main conceptual scams that their agents out in their diaspora lobby into patent within guest puppet nations which has helped clear a route for their zio-Marxist, racially driven foot soldier, goy proponents who help secure Usury while rolling out “internationalism”.”
    The Antithesis – Part 2/5 – Not so ‘Kosher’ Holocaust business …..

     #killerculture #antizionistleague #antitraitors #HolodomorInfo #ScottRoberts #GDL

      1. How old is he? He was a World War II baby, born during the war in 1943 or so. Thus, he is in his mid to late 70s now.

        Mike Walsh has a varied background and a diverse set of experiences. He has written many books on various subjects, including history fact and fictional novels. I have read some of his books on history and found these to be well researched and bring to light much that is not in the mainstream history texts. I like his blog because it gives readers news that is not widely reported in the MSM or is covered up by the MSM.

    1. Fascinating and provocative. Such basta*ds are most individuals (and the movements they spawn and lead) of the human race…leading to needless conflict, destruction, enmity, death, unintended (and intended) consequences….

      1. This brings to my mind my post a few years back about democracies not being peace loving at all. True history informs us that these so-called democracies (perhaps more accurately described as plutocracies or oligarchies) are at war quite frequently. Why did Britain and then the US feel it necessary to interfere in so many countries around the globe? The British Empire left a mess in many regions of the world (we posted on this in late 2012). And, the American Empire, which after 1945, supplanted and replaced the British Empire, has been interfering across the globe directly or by proxy or through economic sanctions for decades now. When does it ever stop?!

    2. (Not sure this will appear properly in the queue; this “reply to a reply” relates to your words about Mike Walsh’s age.)

      I’m a 1943 baby myself — Dad was assembling airplanes in Detroit and was exempted from military/combat service. I realize and admit that I missed this important lead-in to the relevant account: “The following is an excerpt from the corroborated eye witness testimony of a captured German soldier…” I do think that Mike could have been more careful to use quotation marks or otherwise to clearly set off the text of the excerpt; would have been helpful to less-discerning minds and eyes of my sort….

      Thanks much!

    1. Thank you for this. Inter alia, I read and appreciate your comment at the site. (Memo: A horrific real-time WWII holocaust was levied on the Japanese people, cities, and countryside: e.g., the carpet-bombing and fire-leveling of Tokyo and of course Hiroshima/Nagasaki, and of course Okinawa in its turn. Japan, while its excesses in Asia and the Pacific area must be deplored — excesses birthed, IMO, hugely from the hubris generated by Japan’s success in taking on the West “man to man” via its victory in the 1905 Russo-Japanese War — unwittingly wrote its “holocaust”-cum-death certificate by making the fateful decision to ally with Germany. The rest is “history.”)

  7. Have you read the 1938 Rakovsky Interrogation by Gabriel Kusmin on behalf of Stalin? To me, in importance it is on par with the Protocols. Rakovsky divulges, among many other important things, that WW II was planned by the Zionist Financial International (Rothschild bankers).

    1. Thanks Ron for your comment. No, I have not read that work. But, clearly there were plans to force war on to Germany. World Jewry declared war on Germany in March, 1933.

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