crimes against humanity at leading medical centers in the US

Due to the nature of the subject matter, some readers may find this post disturbing.  Reader discretion is advised.

At what point does natural law finally win out over ideology, and amoral utilitarian expediency?

We have modern day Dr. Moreau(s) and Dr. Frankenstein(s) at various university medical centers in the US.  Perhaps the most infamous example is at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Medical Center.  All the late term abortion techniques (many quite gruesome) are taught there.  But, for some time now, likely several years, children born alive from late term abortions are being dissected while still alive for their organs and tissues for macabre medical experimentation (including introducing such human tissues into mice and other laboratory animals.)  These “in vivo” abortions are not so-called “botched” abortions, but are intentionally induced as the organs and tissues for harvesting must be “fresh” and use-able in this research.  Federal tax dollars are subsidizing some of this gruesome pseudo scientific research where human fetal tissues are implanted into mice to “humanize” the mice (see link below, we could not make this stuff up).

So as not to turn readers’ stomachs, I have decided not to include graphic quotes from some of these medical practitioners as to how they obtain these children’s organs and tissues and how they rationalize their actions in their own minds.  This post is not intended to shock readers, or to assault their minds, but to urge them to get involved in ending these atrocities.  Yes, I know some readers are just fine with such atrocities.  Sadly, those individuals cannot be reached.  Our purpose here is to reach and motivate those who do care, and see this terrible and heinous injustice as it is – not in the abstract, but in the very real flesh and blood of these children, who are not responsible for the circumstances of their conceptions (unplanned, unwanted, etc.).

Those who claim that the child in utero is not a human being deserving of legal protection do so on ideological grounds.  Their position is not supported by science or medicine.

There is a small group of concerned individuals working to expose and end these atrocities (see link below).  We present a photo from a recent appeal by them to donors.



Wow.  And, we in the US complain to other nations about their human rights’ abuses.

a word to Christians

For those tens of millions of Americans who self-identify as Christians, here is your wake up call and your opportunity to do something constructive.  Get involved now.  Consider supporting the above campaign with your talents, prayers and a small portion of your finances.  Do not look the other way.  This heinous injustice must not go unchallenged.

There are Christian churches in the shadow of this facility, UCSF, in San Francisco.  Christians cannot simply look the other way or assert that they are not called to intervene in this issue at this time.

Jeff White, the co-founder of Survivors, is a good man, a loving husband and father, and committed Christian.  He, and his group, need the help of all concerned Christians in this desperately needed campaign to wake the conscience of America and end these outrages.


Here are the specific references that prove these atrocities are happening and are ongoing at UCSF (with links to sources):

For ways you can help, see this link:

Think seriously about this, and do get involved.  Now is the time to get involved and make the effort.



final thoughts

I read through this pamphlet (image below) and became viscerally ill at the description of what is going on at UCSF and other university medical centers in the US.  This is real, it is ugly and horrific.  It is no longer in the abstract, and it demands a response.

These “specimens” (a dehumanizing euphemism) would not be available for these callous medical people to dissect and cut apart while these infants are still alive if women would not choose to abort their children.  When a woman seeks an abortion, it is the last decision in a chain of decisions (and actions) that brings her to that point.  At various previous points in the chain, she could have taken a different course and not have been faced with an unplanned pregnancy.  We must ask:  When, WHEN, will women change?!  When will women reject abortion?



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  1. Everytime they derail the conversation with partisan politics. My body my choice, repubs this dems that, Christians vs Atheists. It’s no wonder this issue never sees any progress.

    1. The sad fact is that abortion has become engrained in the society so much so that it likely never can be eradicated. it is a real tragedy. It is horrible what is done to these infants in a nation that bleats about human rights.

  2. only 3 likes?
    not a fav topic?
    yet this must be told, heard, and shared…

    Bless you for your bravery in defending the helpless, may you be forever remembered in the Lamb’s book of life. I believe when people realize what this all means, it can be reduced! People of all ages must be protected from harm. Life & it more abundantly..

    1. Thanks Stephen for stopping by. What is being done is horrific and it does numb the mind of people with a functioning conscience. It is things like these that lead me to refer to this country as a post-Christian nation.

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