Wake the hell up people. You have been scammed and impoverished by your governments and their lap dog news media.


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COVID-19 and the emerging war is not Coronavirus but the Truth vs. Political Opportunism. The latter is assisted by mainstream media’s pursuit of click-bait by posting flawed and fraud COVID-19 statistics. Besides, mainstream media simply reprints government handouts and never questions them or government ministers.

Governments are now forced to backtrack or face the anger of millions scammed. Regimes are now forced to brazenly carry on with their Big Lie or face up to the fact that they have been consistently wrong.

The lockdown, rather than solving the problem are aggravating the situation whilst simultaneously destroying national economies. FACT: the Coronavirus has been officially downgraded to a status similar to that of the common flu.

Media will continue to pursue ‘if it bleeds it…

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