covid lessons: have we learned them yet?

The economy is imploding here in the US, and in many other countries.  What does that mean?  It means the world is rapidly heading towards economic depression.  People were stampeded into locking down large sectors of the economy.  They did this from irrational fear that was stoked by their leaders and the media.  Blaming China may make Americans feel better in the short term, but why did Americans and so many others around the world react the way they did?  (The Chinese Communists, who suffer from an extreme Chinese Supremacism and arrogant chauvinism, are not responsible for the misguided reactions of others to this flu virus.)  Let us briefly recap the lessons we ought to have learned by now.

the damage to the economy

No amount of funny, fiat money (even trillions of dollars) created out of thin air by the phony Federal Reserve and the US Treasury can stop the economic damage that has already been done and is being done every hour of every day that sectors of the economy are shuttered.  End this nonsense now, TODAY!  Why are we being fearful when the data is now telling us that the death rate from this virus is no worse than the seasonal flu?  With 325 million people, are we to lock down because perhaps one hundred thousand people may die?  Yes, wear the masks, and wipe surfaces down and keep some distance while you open your business back up.  In less developed nations, there will be starvation if the farmers do not go out to the fields each day.

Lesson: Economic damage and harm cannot be undone easily or quickly or without much pain.

our elected leaders

Salivating at the opportunity to grab more power, many governors pounced on our rights and ordered lengthy lock downs of whole sectors of their respective state economies.  We ought not be surprised by this behavior.  And, of course, our great police forces mindlessly follow and enforce “lawful” orders.  Yeah, right, except that these lock downs are not lawful as they will not pass Constitutional tests in the courts (which are coming).  Americans are going to be less free and less prosperous from this fraudulent health crisis.  President Trump may have killed his chances at re-election by going along with these “(false) gods of medicine and science”, aka Fauci and Birx, and buying into this unnecessary and harmful lock down mindset.

The worst abuses, not surprisingly, have been committed by Democrat governors in such states as Michigan, Virginia, and California.  And, also not surprisingly, most of those states’ citizens mindlessly obeyed the diktats from their governor.  This power play needs to be stopped.

Lesson: The whole political system is now corrupt and filled with power hungry opportunists.  Recall the founders’ words warning us of vigilance as to all enemies, including domestic enemies.

our news media

Is not interested in informing us, but rather wishes to condition us to accept the erosion of our rights due to these phony crises.  We have been less free since September, 2001, and we will lose more freedoms from this Corona Virus hysteria.  The news media in the US is controlled by a few large corporations, which are in turn controlled by a few billionaires.  It is difficult to find independent voices who truly wish to inform the public.  Such independent voices are rarely heard, and if they post videos to YouTube, their work is often censored.  The news media buries important stories that we are not supposed to hear about.  The news media thus serves to constrain and limit public discourse.

Lesson:  We are not being told the truth, and we are not being informed of important facts.  The elites do not want an informed citizenry.  That is itself a threat to our freedoms.

on doctors and science

Doctors are not omniscient, and are not infallible.  As well, they are prone to the same character flaws and defects that are found throughout the population.  Fauci wanted to go down in history.  It depends on who will be writing the history as to how he is viewed by posterity.  He is arrogant and will not admit even now that he got it quite wrong.

Readers, doctors do not know it all.  Why do we give them such deference?  Science has been politicized and corrupted by money from corporate foundations and wealthy individuals (like Bill Gates, who is appearing more and more to be a creep acting behind the scenes).  Science is here to serve us, not the other way around.  Bear that in mind.  This Corona Virus hysteria is much like the now debunked man made global warming scam (which was intended to give power to a handful of elites while impoverishing much of the world’s population over a non-existent threat).

Lesson:  Doctors and arrogant practitioners of science must not be allowed to dictate or unduly influence public policy.

thoughts on Nancy Pelosi

We could not end this essay without offering an observation about this public figure, who is constantly getting face time on the television these days.

Observe her body language, and especially her facial contortions while on camera.  Admittedly, she has trouble controlling the movements of her mouth.  Is this the onset of Parkinson’s or some other malady?  What I see is an old woman who is intoxicated with being the center of attention.  She may have been a spoiled child hungry for attention in the 2nd or 3rd grade seventy years ago.  That is what her behavior on camera brings to my mind.  Nancy is still the spoiled child who craves being the center of attention even though she is 70 years older now.  Apparently, the psychological and emotional maturation process failed to proceed normally in her case.  Is that arrested development?



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