separate the moment – suggestion for living in a terrible time

We will never know the truth about this Covid-19 crisis, so we must now concentrate our thoughts, talents and energies on how to weather the tempest of the economic misery at hand.  This health crisis may be more of a mental health crisis than an actual viral pandemic.  It seems to be mass induced fear and hysteria, and an example of highly contagious and collective psychosis (we can thank the media, those in government, and certain doctors for this).  Where are the mental health professionals when we need them?  The few who have come forward have urged an end to these destructive lock downs.

split the moment

Separate the present moment from the past and from the future.  Remain focused on constructive approaches to addressing your current challenges.  Do not squander mental and emotional resources by worrying about the future and/or longing for the past.  We are going to need all our energy and all our resourcefulness and ingenuity to get through the next few years.  Stop thinking that government and central banks can save us from this difficult period.  They are clueless.  Their desperate actions may actually make things worse in the coming months and years.  We live in a world where destruction can happen very quickly, in a short period of time, but undoing the damage – reconstruction – takes much longer and so it will be with the world’s economy.

Make sure you nurture your support network in these times  We are now going to experience why families are so very important.  Loved ones can help each other out now.  (Some “collateral” damage in this crisis are all the children waiting in foster care to be placed in loving families.  With so many now unemployed, fewer couples can take in foster children.  What a terrible outcome.)

You may have to improvise and think outside of the box to solve the problems that come your way.  For people who were living pay check to pay check, and now do not have a job, the going will be particularly difficult.  Your unemployment benefits will not last forever, and job creation in the economy going forward may be rather limited for the next few years.  Conserve cash as much as possible and avoid taking on more debts.  Reduce expenses and put off major purchases if possible.

It is difficult to advise students at this time.  Do students bother to continue with expensive college educations at this time when jobs may be so very limited for the next few years?  A long run perspective may lead a person to continue their education, but with the understanding that the payoff may be delayed and their may be some lean years ahead.

During such stressful times, it is easy to find one’s self lamenting past mistakes, and/or feeling much anxiety about the future.  Thus it is of value that we let go of the claims on us from the past and the future.  Let the pain, sorrow, remorse, guilt, regrets, etc. of the past go.  Let go of the heavy baggage from the past.  Similarly, do not think of the worries, fears, anxieties, and uncertainties of the near and distant future.  Concentrate your energies on the present moment and its requirements.  Split the present moment, with its challenges, from the past and the future.  If we act effectively in the present, the future will take care of itself.

That said, the task of righting the ship so to speak in the long run falls to the younger generation.  The older folks entrenched in power do not have the will to change constructively at this point in their lives.  If there is to be any constructive, substantive change in the social fabric, in the culture, in the direction of the national life it will have to come from the young.  Sadly, many of the young today are quite discouraged, and have been indoctrinated in political correctness and other nonsense.  Perhaps, constructive change will not happen in the US.

bonus essay

Will this be the end of the American Empire?

The economic destruction that is unfolding in the US now (30 millions unemployed and growing by the day, businesses closing, many of which will never be reopening) is both massive and tragic.  A couple of thoughts entered my mind about this last night.  Could this be, in a sense, a karmic payback to the US for its destruction of other countries over the past several decades.  The US has in recent years destroyed several countries and inflicted much suffering on to many millions of people.  Consider Syria and Libya that were destroyed by proxy but with Washington’s approval (under Obama).  As well, the US defense companies supply Saudi Arabia with the arms and munitions it uses against the poor people of Yemen (since 2015).  Iraq and Afghanistan.  Can you recall what the US did in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos in the late 1960s and early 1970s?  As we have already repeatedly pointed out on this blog, those glorious and righteous Allies committed unconscionable atrocities and war crimes during and after World War II.  This does cause one to ponder.

The second thought is that with all the monetary creation, all this new funny money being brought into play in an effort to avoid a Depression, the US dollar cannot be king forever.  As the world’s reserve currency, the US dollar’s days may be numbered.  If enough nations move away from the dollar, the US Empire will end.  The US military cannot bully the big boys on the block, such as China, Russia and India.  Whether the elites in Washington and in Wall Street banking houses like it or not, we are moving inexorably towards a multi-polar world with various regional super powers.  Perhaps the puppet masters see this coming and that explains their desperation and their power grabs now.  Their promotion of one world government (globalism through various means) can be seen as their attempt to prevent a multi-polar world, and thereby preserve some of their power and control.

For how much longer can a bankrupt nation project military power across the globe?  Historically, a strong economy has been required to support a strong military.  With an imploding economy, the US must scale back its foreign military adventurism.  But, the entrenched military-industrial-banking-government complex will fight to retain its privilege and its power.  Might Americans use this economic crisis to re-evaluate the nation’s priorities and its role in the world?  Let’s fix America rather than trying to reshape the world to the liking of Wall Street and Washington.

These are terrible times indeed, and we may expect many unexpected things to come to pass.  Guard your sanity.  And, do not fall prey to religious fanatics preaching end of the world nonsense, or to leftist ideologues promising Nirvana in this world.

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  1. “do not fall prey to religious fanatics preaching end of the world nonsense, or to leftist ideologues promising Nirvana in this world” – well said.

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