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Here are 2 links from earlier today that are worth reading and thinking on.

First, the takeover of health care systems around the developed world due to the ongoing hysteria over a strain of the flu, aka COVID-19, has caused many patients to be denied needed surgeries and treatments (so-called collateral damage).  This linked post takes this situation from the abstract and makes it poignantly personal and real.

When does the madness end?  When are people going to reject this gross exaggeration and distortion which is this so-called pandemic?!  The time has come for mass civil disobedience.  It is clear that these doctors and power hungry government officials do not know what they are talking about.  They hide behind their data and their models which were all flawed early on.  This was never going to be the mass killer they sold this virus to be.

In the second link, we see more evidence of another large scam perpetrated on the world, namely, the holocaust of European Jewry during the Second World War.  Now, we were previously aware that German photographs of the massive piles of corpses of German civilians from the 2 day and 2 night Allied terror bombing of Dresden in mid February, 1945 had been used in the past and captioned as “victims of the Nazis”, or simply as “holocaust victims”.  But, this next post exposes another twist, another fraud that we were not aware of.

Our position at this blog is that the official holocaust story has not withstood the forensic scrutiny of the past 30+ years.  Ethnic cleansing and expulsion is not the same as extermination.  Thus, the holocaust is fake history, but for some believers it is effectively religious dogma.

Our feature image is a view from ground level in the financial district of San Francisco.



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