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The police follow “lawful orders”, or rather that is what they will tell you as they violate your rights in these terrible times.  Supposedly, the police take an oath to uphold the Constitution, but that gets forgotten about in the stress of a crisis.

The public or citizenry have surrendered their rights, and it is largely game over for America.  With an economic Depression coming (in terms of unemployment, it is already upon us, but other economic indicators will soon confirm it also), American prosperity is a thing of the past for most Americans.  (Funny, not many government workers have been furloughed thus far.)  Our remaining rights will be under constant attack going forward.  So, the American people will be less free and less prosperous.

If these economic lock down orders stand – it is over for the country.  Do not make the naive mistake of thinking “it” cannot happen here (in the US).  Some of us remember when cities burned in the summers of the mid 1960s and college campuses were war zones.  Social unrest is likely coming and sooner than you might think.  Perhaps, that is what the elites who rule over us want.  For them, social unrest will serve as a pretext and justification for more severe measures being taken against the citizenry.  Let us not give these power hungry state governors, health officials and big city mayors a free pass.  Screw their phony virtue signalling in this crisis.  They are not concerned with the loss of life.  Their actions give this power play away for all to see, who can see.

Now, let us turn to Trump and possible forced vaccinations coming.  Apparently, the Defense Department is ordering hundreds of millions of syringes to be manufactured in the next few months.  Is this an indication that mandatory vaccinations for this Corona Virus (which will mutate in the coming years, if not months, rendering such vaccines as worthless and ineffective) are in the plans for us?  Trump is very conflicted here and gives contradictory signals while he ducks and avoids answering questions.  At one point, he said that we will get past this virus and crisis without a vaccine.  Then, at another time, he says that a vaccine will be developed by year end (Operation: Warp Speed, or whatever such name they are calling it).  Well, which is it Mr. President?

If President Trump is planning on using his emergency powers under his national emergency declaration to compel all of us to submit to medical rape (also known as compulsory vaccinations), then, as others have suggested, he must be removed from office now.  He must be forced to resign immediately.  (What a choice we have in the coming election:  Trump, who may or may not be on the side of the American people, but who is clearly not standing up to these health advisors who have given us this fake crisis with its very painful economic and human collateral damage, and then Biden, on the other hand, who is seriously mentally impaired and clearly not fit for office (his brain has ossified).

My younger sister, who lives thousands of miles away from my wife and I, recently talked with me and she asked me what I thought this crisis was about.  I told her that I thought it was about 3 things.  First, it was an attempt to derail Trump’s chances for re-election.  (The Democrat governors are locking down some big states to maximize damage to the nation’s economy).  Second, the phony or fake crisis will be used as justification for mandatory vaccinations in the future.  (The goofy, control freak, Bill Gates is lurking in the background here.  Many of these so-called experts in the news have received monies over the years from his foundations.)  Thirdly, as must be obvious to many folks now, this hyped crisis was used to see how easily Americans could be misled into surrendering their rights; and to see how blindly obedient they would be to government diktats if they were put into a state of fear.  And, this mass fear was achieved with the help of the compliant and corrupt corporate news media in the US.

My advice to my sister was not to get the vaccination when the time comes.  That is my advice for all responsible people in the world:  Do not get the vaccination.  Vaccinations are not safe.  (Just research the phony and harmful Gardasil vaccine for HPV and read of many young girls being maimed or killed because of it.)  Read through the various linked articles below for support of my recommendation.  Now, more than ever, it is important that you do your homework and reflect on what your research tells you.  If you are too lazy to do so, that is your choice.

(Another thing that will play out is that the economic collapse will lead to a major transfer of wealth.  When the newly bankrupted business concerns are sold at fire sale prices to those who have money, i.e. the one percenters.  It happened back in the 1930s during the Great Depression.)

This next image is apropos.  Control freak billionaires and their cronies want depopulation.  That is one reason why Africa and other regions of the world are so heavily targeted by the population controllers.  (As well, the UN constantly strives to get “reproductive rights” language worked into universal human rights proclamations.  The UN elites want abortion on demand in every country in the world.)  These same folks were very supportive over the decades of China’s One Child Policy with all the infanticide and forced abortions in that country.  There is some evidence now that some vaccines contain chemical compounds that harm the reproductive ability of those vaccinated.  (Again, read through the linked articles below.)  Goofy Bill Gates is not a nice guy.



Why are dissenting and alternative view points being routinely censored by the news media and on social media?!

links of possible interest to some readers

Plandemic Documentary: The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid-19 – a 26 minute video clip here (which was censored on social media):

When it comes out, this website may update us.

From the Tin Foil Hat Lady, here is a good rebuttal to the official condemnations of the Plandemic Documentary:

‘Plandemic’ Subversive Documentary

A good post by another WP blogger here with many links:

From Cairns News in north Queensland, Australia, we have this reposted article:

America readies for mass vaccination program aided by a phone tracing app

More bombshells dropped on Dr. Fauci:

Strikeback: Dr. Judy Mikovits Drops fresh Bombs on Dr Fauci and CDC

A general website with loads of info and articles on vaccines.  Can this all be “conspiracy theory”?

A specific article from the above website:

Read, think, reflect, discuss, and make the right choices.  Spread the word to other concerned citizens.  The hour is quite late.

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  1. If the balance turns in our favor (((they))), the money changers/well poisoners will turn the Phony Coroni into a real “Samson option”, another Spanish Flue bio weapon plague that was used, in a successful experiment under cover of War to reduce the population of the Goyim to monopolize “big pharma” over “natural” and introduce a new solvent monetary system through a real Phony Coroini Planned’ emic. 

    This is not new, these rats have been doing it for milenia, the same pattern and formula and always a last resort to safeguard their supremacy and control over the goyim when the goyim start waking up.

    The whole traumatizing event afterward just goes into fictional history and the Yiddish cycle just continues and society ends up with the same shepherd. Now that we know all goyim are being farmed dont accept anything coming from the them. ie

    COVID19 mass testing or vaccinating is a prime example of Gews harvesting, not only to claim your DNA and micro chipping but they are intentionally “Phishing” from you to give them permission to access your NI number in order for them to establish a health prescription from your ID/NI account.
    The health prescription is a negotiable instrument Bond/IOU that they can monetize through your NI.
    The more prescriptions they can gather they can then be either traded on the futures stock market or do as Israel often does ie

    “Is it a coincidence that MATIMOP a global Israeli life sciences company conducts clinical trials  in the UK while the same Gewish squatters bond trade our NHS prescriptions as stock market gilt sureties to be held as ransom in Israel in-case of boycott, then their nice little scam is for Israel to trade back to us medicine and massive technology to manage sickness instead of outright cure.” “teva” 1, ……“teva” 2,”

    This is how they revitalize their new monetary system. Notice the only solvent business thriving today is the Phony Corony because it is self financing from the blind goyim who initiate the flow of money from the prescriptions and also from charges from the Police when they refuse to obey the Planned’emic regulations. …. Contract law is business as usual for the nice Gew.

    The following link is proof that the stock market “panic” and “crisis” bonds are working their magic.Other than war this “phony coroni” lock-down is (((their))) new way of bringing in a new “solvent economy” to repair and kick start a new cycle to dupe the public into thinking ((their))) new money is real tender, when in reality it is all based on nothing more than “bond tradable instruments” hedged and waged into their future projections which is the same scam that delivered us to the position they have us in today.Concider this! If the whole world is in this global lockdown which has stopped production within all nations” Yet we are now seeing the Police out on the street phishing for manufctured chrges (bond tradable instruments) onto those who flout the social distancing rules. This means its business as usual for the money changers because you are still allowing them that fresh air power to Hypothicate pledges into their system still making you the gaurantor in absence of dividend shares that you allowed them to create in your name/national Insurance number. No wonder (((their))) world bank is loading up governments with emergency “fiat money”  to keep the planned’meic solvent, and handing out compensation to “corporate businesses” to help save their monopoly infrastructure.

    Meantime us goyim/sheep are being offered, on application, small bridging loans to see each of us through this illusion ….Of course that can only happen because its all coming in by the back door and now need your customer base to kick start their new conjured up money which will inevitably sustain and expand the world debt.

    These rats in government need to be stopped in order for us to bring in the remedy for 100% employement after this lockdown which cant be done unless we drag these rats out of their puppet positions and implement a Gottfried Feder economic model under the protection of Autarky….
    These rats only understand the “Dockers Hook” 

    #PeterQuiggins #PhonyCoroni #antizionistleague #antitraitors #HolodomorInfo #ScottRoberts #GDL #Handsometruth #COVID19  #CORONAVIRUS #5G #petercooneyenabler

    1. Hey Peter,

      It is fine to add comments that add to the discussion, but when a person adds several links to their own blog, it seems unbecoming to do so. As time allows, I will edit your other comment and approve the relevant thoughts and drop the multiple links to your blog. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Banned off Jwbook…….. “Bill Gates’s Microsoft winning the Pentagon cyber security contract, worth $10 billion, and that his mother Mary Maxwell Gates worked with United Way as Chair, with IBM’s John Opal, the supposed historic arch nemesis of Microsoft. That that operation was rooted as a Jewish charity first, and therefore obviously foremost. That his father William was a banker at the Federal Reserve Bank. Why, with all his $billions has Gates never once mentioned the children of South Africa now being dragged into starvation and destitution?Banned off facebook ……
    #petercooneyenabler “better than free-still no lockup in sweden”

    1. Yes, social media and the mainstream media are controlled. For true free speech and open inquiry and discussion, folks are going to have to look to alternative platforms.

      Gates is a criminal bastard with what he is doing via his foundation’s grants to various groups around the world. He is a control freak who ardently desires mandatory global vaccinations with all the harm that will do to people’s health. He is a promoter of depopulation, and believes that the ends justifies the means. A moral cretin.

    1. As regards the world economic melt down, it may indeed be too late. Concerning government’s abuse of its power, as well, it may also be too late, sorry to say. The next few years will be rough going across the globe.

    2. This may help you understand. Isaiah 56:10-11 (KJV)

      10 His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant,
      they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark;
      sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber.
      11 Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough,
      and they are shepherds that cannot understand:
      they all look to their own way,
      every one for his gain, from his quarter.

      The church overall has forsaken the right way, have refused to obey God, have not protected the flock from the wolves, but have invited the wolves in as pastors, etc., which brings us to where we are today. The FEW watchmen left are ostracized, called judgmental, and persecuted – by the very ones who should appreciate their warnings!

  3. “Some of us remember when cities burned in the summers of the mid 1960s and college campuses were war zones. Social unrest is likely coming and sooner than you might think. Perhaps, that is what the elites who rule over us want.”

    Spot on with that prediction, Larry! A little scary how spot-on that was.

    Article seen just today:

    Evidence that most if not all “dis-ease” is caused not by germs, but electromagnetic radiation, dating back to invention of the telegraph. If true, and I honestly think it is, say good-bye to face-mask wearing, social distancing, lockdowns, forced vaccinations, and medical martial law!

    1. Yes, there are times when we wish that we were wrong. With 40 million unemployed workers, this is not going to end well. Trump made a fatal mistake going along with the quacks who said that we have to lock down.

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