books for summer reading

We just received a book order from Dover Publications, a mid-tier US based publishing firm.  With frequent sales throughout the year, an interested reader can purchase some classic works at quite reasonable prices.  Books can be shipped throughout the US.  Non-US readers might be able to purchase some of their titles on Amazon or through some of its Marketplace Sellers.

Here is what we will be reading this summer.  Note that some of these titles may be available through other publishing houses.

Ideals of The East – The Spirit of Japanese Art



The Philosophy of Epictetus – Golden Sayings and Fragments



A Confession



The King of Elfland’s Daughter (a fantasy classic)






The Principles of Scientific Management (we recall Taylor’s work from an undergraduate production management course decades ago)



The Use and Abuse of History



Twilight of The Idols



It should prove to be a thought provoking summer given the works pictured above.  To all, happy reading this summer, or winter for our readers in South Africa and Australia.

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