sundry thoughts on religion and this unjust world

“Justice delayed is justice denied.”

At least, that is true in this world.  What objective and dispassionate observers and critics see in this world is very little justice.  Bear in mind that we refer to both sides of the coin of justice: recompense, or a making whole for innocent victims, and for those scoundrels who inflict needless suffering and death on to others, that is the villains, retribution or punishment.

If one pays too close an attention to how very unjust this world is, it can be very depressing and may lead a person to despair.  The organized religions always give God a free pass in this area*.  In fact, it seems that the organized religions take a default position that merely blames the victim(s).  Consider the Garden of Eden story in the Abrahamic religions, and the inexorable law of Karma in Hinduism and Buddhism.  (* The issue is not one of blaming God for man’s evil actions, but of wondering why such terrible and horrific things are allowed to pass on this hellish Earth.  Perhaps, this Earth is just that – a level of Hell, given that evil rules here.)

It was Nietzsche, I think, who wrote that religions never have to deliver anything in the here and now.  Everything is to come in a future life, on a different plane of existence.  Thus, we all have to take religion on faith, although many ethical or moral precepts may and do have practical value in human society in this world.  The point here is that we cannot know if there is any justice after this life.  We can only hope and choose to believe, or not.

We recall the words of our late cousin, who was a few years older than I, from way back in 1973.  He complained of religion that “You won’t even know until you die.”  Well, perhaps now, Ken does know, now that he is dead.  Then again, perhaps we do not “know” that much more after death.  Perhaps for the surviving spiritual monad, the individual consciousness, only a little more awareness and knowledge is granted, like say on a “need to know basis”.  Who can say?

Organized religions are necessary, but thinking individuals need to remember to govern their religious fervor with reason (as we have written numerous times on this blog).  Today, so many churches are led by individuals who have never had any experiences even remotely resembling authentic spiritual experience.  Yet, these individuals are revered by many in the pews, and it can become almost a cult of personality for the faithful in these churches.  Yes, there are opportunistic charlatans in the ranks of the religious.

What of the horrendous misery being caused to hundreds of millions of persons, actually billions given the fact that nearly one third of the world’s population was locked down, from this over hyped, and fallacious Corona Virus health crisis?  What of the bastards who promoted this fraud in order to gain more power or to achieve other nefarious objectives?  So many lives disrupted, and so much poverty and hardship to come for so many people across the globe.  Let us not hold our collective breath waiting for truth and justice.  But, I do hope there will be justice at some point in the future, in some plane of existence.  If not, the universe and the whole of Creation really is a cruel joke, that is not funny at all.

Our feature image is a stone aisle marker in the cemetery where rest the physical remains of my parents.  Used here as a reminder of our mortality.



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