thought provoking health article links

We thought we would share these links of possible interest to readers.

Here is an article that speaks to what is happening during this global hysteria over the Corona Virus.

From the same website, we recommend this article about the HPV vaccine (Gardasil in the US).  Vaccines are not safe despite the constant drum beat from many quarters that we must get these for our children.

Doctors are beginning to protest these nonsensical lock downs which are causing many health related problems.  More people will die (and are dying) from not getting needed medical care for other health issues than will die from this virus.  As well, we will not achieve so-called “herd immunity” by hunkering down indoors out of fear of both this virus and of local police authorities.

We need to overcome this near psychotic fear of both this virus, which is not anywhere near as deadly as was claimed, and of government abuse of its authority over our lives.  We need to take back our rights and our lives.  We had better do this soon.  Resist and reject mandatory or compulsory vaccinations until this whole corrupt industry cleans up its act!

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  1. And another:

    Pay particular attention to the first comment by “Plamen”. He’s basically saying the germ theory of disease is totally wrong, that viruses NEVER cause disease, only unhealthy immune systems do. Diseases are NOT contagious from one person to another! This is basically Antoine Bechamp’s “terrain” theory of disease, as opposed to Louis Pasteur’s “germ” theory of disease. Big Pharma is fighting tooth-and-nail to keep the former from being widely known. They had to resort to blaming viruses for many diseases because they couldn’t identify any non-viral cause. But viruses can’t actually cause any disease. This makes all vaccinations, wearing face masks, social distancing, etc completely unnecessary, in fact even harmful because your immune system gets weakened by such practices.

    Also, here’s a site to get documents to protect you from forced vaccinations:

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