links for mid week

This afternoon, in south central North America, between thunder showers, we share these thought provoking links on sundry topics.

Some readers may have heard of the hundredth monkey phenomena, but here is a magic number of sorts for people power reaching a critical mass so as to effect societal change nonviolently.

Here is a darling image of a mother cat with a loving kitten:

This next linked article informs us of some of the little known history of how feminism was derailed, or more accurately, hijacked in the late 1960s:

Here in the US, we just celebrated or commemorated the Memorial Day holiday this past weekend to honor those Americans who were killed in past and current wars and armed conflicts.  Andrea offers us this insightful piece that instructs us that these service men and women did not die to protect and preserve American freedom and democracy as these were never seriously threatened in the past 150 years.  Food for thought here.  Will we still spend more (each year) than the rest of the world combined on national “defense” given a collapsing economy?  It is past due to re-evaluate our national priorities and our role in the world.  (We do not necessarily agree with all the points in this following article, but many points in it are worth pondering.)

In this final linked article, long time Christian marriage blogger, Julie Sibert, offers this insightful and helpful post on her Intimacy in Marriage blog site.  As we have written before, healthy and mutually fulfilling sexual intimacy is necessary for strong, happy and lasting marriages (which benefit the spouses, their children, and in aggregate, society as a whole).


Wives, Want to Be Turned On By GIVING Him Oral Sex?


Our feature image is from the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, which we last visited last Spring before moving out last September.



Happy reading and thinking.

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