Is violence coming to a neighborhood near you?



“The police in New York City, they chased a boy right through the park.

In a case of mistaken Identity, they put a bullet through his heart.”

Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones, 1973, the song: Heartbreaker


Here is a good link from August, 2014, another period of destruction and riots, that contains an impassioned plea by a black pastor for black people to change.  As well, further into his talk, he exposes the fraudulent and hypocritical nature of so many so-called black leaders.



Now, we go unfiltered on the anarchy and destruction in America today, which may become the new norm given the fact that the economy is collapsing (despite the delusions of Wall Street investors).

analysis and commentary

How is this helping?  How is the arson, the looting, the throwing bricks at police, etc. helping the situation?  Care to give a rational answer to the world?

No, you cannot, because this behavior is not helping (listen to the first 2 minutes of the above link).

Peaceful protests across the nation could have helped to bring about some constructive change, but this kind of thuggish behavior is only turning many non-Blacks away from having any sympathy for blacks.

An interesting question comes to mind: Why do we not ever hear of police killings of whites, Hispanics, or Asians?  And, yes, these do in fact occur.

3 strikes now against President Trump.

Strike one: Having been in office now for more than 3 years, it is only now that violence is spreading and inner cities are in flames that he thinks to take down Antifa.  Well, include Black Lives Matter (we’ll point out there obvious hypocrisy in a moment) in those Dept. of Justice actions.  Recall the domestic terrorist groups of the late 1960s and early 1970s in the US.  Antifa and BLM are just newfangled editions of the same terrorist mentality.  That demon in human form, George Soros, funds these anarchic groups.

Strike two:  Trump, although he may believe himself to be a good decision maker and a decisive leader is neither as regards this fake (as in phony) Corona virus health crisis.  We have had plenty of these viruses come and go (SARS, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, MERS, West Nile Virus, etc.) without shuttering large segments of the economy.  Trump ought to have tossed, or had Fauci and Birx and the others tossed out of the White House when they told him that he had to shut down the economy.  It is Trump’s CDC which issued such guidelines that the “progressive” Democrat governors (CA, NY, NJ, VA, MI, IL, etc.) pounced on to justify locking down a significant part of the nation’s economy.  Big freaking mistake there!  And, regardless of the origin of this virus, we cannot blame the Chinese Communist Party (whose crimes against the Tibetans these past 70 years are unforgivable) for the stupid and destructive American reaction to the virus.

Strike three:  As the violence spreads to smaller cities across the nation, the President talks on about a shot into space and does nothing constructive to control and reduce the violence and destruction.  The only thing that ended the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles in 1992 was the deployment of Federal troops to that city.  That may be needed in many cities now.  And, why not?  For 2 decades, we have spent trillions of dollars deploying our military to the Middle East trying to reshape the region to suit the wishes of Israel.  Let us bring the troops home from where they do not belong and deploy them to restore order here stateside.  When order is restored they can return to their homes and/or military bases.

That said, brain dead, Bozo Biden, if elected in 5 months time, will not be up to the task of rebuilding this country’s economy.  The nation is bankrupt, and the fiat money financial system is breaking down.  (This will become apparent to most people over the coming months.)  We have a lesson from history here to ponder.  FDR’s policies in the 1930s prolonged the Depression of that era.  From 1936 onwards, he did everything he could to provoke Germany and Japan.  He eventually succeeded with Japan.  The Democrats will fail during the coming Depression, but not without plunging the world in to a third world war.

Perhaps the most pathetic player here is the young, naive, ideological mayor of Minneapolis, who thought allowing the mob to blow off some steam by destroying structures and looting for a night or two would help to restore order.  A “progressive” idiot that the not so bright voters in that city elected to be mayor.  Ideology does have its consequences.  (Another shining example of that is in San Francisco, where London Breed (not her birth name) was the first mayor of a major city to lock down its citizens over this over hyped Corona virus.  They are still locked down and the citizens are now frightened of both this virus and the looting mobs loose in the city.)

As to the hypocrisy of Black Lives Matter (BLM), and the white social justice warriors (many appear to be bored college age youths) alongside them in the streets, if they really cared about black lives they would be outraged at the ongoing black on black crime in the inner cities that each and every night of the year claims many black lives.  We do not see nor hear of any demands from BLM and its white allies made upon these progressive. liberal, big city mayors to do anything to stop the nightly carnage.

As well, we have never heard of any presence by BLM or its allies at the numerous Planned Parenthood abortion facilities located in or near poor black neighborhoods.  Each day, black babies are ripped apart in the mothers’ wombs without even a single lament from these hypocrites and frauds.

Where are the black leaders and pastors on the above 2 issues?  They are silent on both, which equates to complicity or consent.

Let us say some words about self-righteous, “morally superior”, virtue signalling liberals and progressives of all colors, and all ages.  Reality check: These folks are not all such nice people; many, as we can plainly see, can be quite violent and destructive.  They are intolerant of cries for peaceful protest and constructive, rational discourse and dialog.

Before continuing, I must say that I cannot interpret reality for you.  But, open your eyes and see reality for what it is.  I can urge you to do that.

As more comes to light about the abuse and intentional neglect of the elderly in the nation’s nursing homes, a pattern has emerged.  Black employees of such care facilities have physically assaulted elderly white patients (and robbed elderly women of their engagement rings and wedding bands).  No, most media outlets won’t inform us of that as it does not fit their script, their “progressive” narrative.

It does appear that there is a virulent strain of racism within the black community.  Of course, many of us who have dealt with blacks since childhood have long known of this.

During the Congo Crisis of the early 1960s, as Europeans were leaving the country and black rule began, there were many armed conflicts and attempted breakaways of various provinces.  The Simbas were a group of blood thirsty tribesmen who acted as terrorists and shock troops for the Leftist factions.  They committed terrible atrocities against both white and black citizens.  And, we have seen the terrible violence in Zimbabwei, formerly the prosperous and peaceful Rhodesia.  As well, black ruled South Africa (the leftist ANC) has become poorer than when whites ruled and has become one of the most violent countries in the world.  But, hey, it is not politically correct to inform Western citizens of the rampant murders of white farmers in these countries.

The point is that there is no denying the violence that blacks are quite capable of, and do engage in.  The question for us in the US is: do we want to resemble a barbaric African nation, or do we want to hold on to our civilization?

We have had one hundred years of this progressive, leftist nonsense, fantasies and insanity (going back to its beginnings in the US during the World War One period).  Unless and until we reject this very harmful and dangerous ideology, things will not get substantively better in our society.  Whites who suffer white guilt, and who are effectively self-hating whites are part of the problem.  The solution is not for whites to act like gangsta rap inspired black youths, but for blacks to form stable families with fathers in the home to instill discipline and self control in their children.



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