BREAKING: politically incorrect links that may cause you to think differently

We share some links today relevant to the current crisis, or America in turmoil (or chaos, or anarchy).  As always, it is up to individual readers to reflect and reach their own conclusions.  We only present the reality of the dilemma.  Some times, truth is distasteful or unpleasant, but that does not mean that we ought abandon our search for it.

Why have not more “progressives” condemned the ongoing, spreading and escalating violence?!

From another blogger, here is a piece that suggests that there may be much more to the story than we have been told.  Do not look for the MSM to touch these issues.  (We cannot be sure, at this time, of how much truth is in the article.)

This next linked article adds some background detail about George Floyd,  This unsavory story does not lessen the seriousness of his being killed by police.

Andrea, a Slavic blogger, fires this salvo into an already incendiary situation.  The violence of blacks must be confronted.  Doubt their violence?  Check out published FBI crime statistics, or simply talk to inner city residents – or simply note how many cities across the US are being looted and burned, and see on your TV screens what the criminals look like.

Andrea is not a racist, but she is brave enough to dare to acknowledge that there are undeniable differences in the races.  The national debate needs to address ongoing black violence and crime.  We will not allow our nation to be turned into Zimbabwei, notwithstanding corrupt “progressive” politicians and corporate media fanning the flames.

America’s greatest sin was not slavery but savagery importation



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