gangsta rap in action, blow back on the Democrats, and “reparations”

What we are seeing in the streets now in the US, with increasing assaults and attempted murders on police officers in various cities (New York, St. Louis, etc.), is gangsta rap in action.  Have you ever listened to it?  The lyrics I mean – vile, filthy, disgusting words that do in fact incite hatred and violence.  If these savages in the streets are not stopped by adequate force, you can expect this behavior to get even worse.  It really is pretty basic.  These out of control thugs see that the police have had their hands effectively tied and cannot do much to them (by orders from “progressive” mayors).  Thus, the punks (or pukes) are emboldened to commit increasingly violent acts.  (Note how estranged from reality the mayor of New York, De Blasio, is as a result of his fanatical adherence to progressive ideology.  He has a communist resume, and the voters of that city knew it when they elected him!)

(We will not support the police if they are part of an attempt to force or compel citizens to be vaccinated for this phony (fake) Corona virus scam.  We will not support them if they attempt to enforce unconstitutional diktats to disarm the law abiding citizenry (which many police and sheriff departments have already said they will not do – take note Bozo Biden).  But, for performing one of their principle functions of keeping the streets safe and protecting lives and property, we do fully support the police and sheriffs.  They need to be freed to do their jobs and protect their own lives now.)

blow back on the Democrats

In a recent post, we noted some very serious errors committed by the President that may very well cost him his chance at re-election.  But, the alternative in this corrupt 2 party system has its own sins to atone for.

Communities of color in the inner cities in this country have a right to expect their elected officials to protect them from anarchy and lawless violence in the streets where they live and work.  Who is being harmed most by this escalating destruction (arson, looting and vandalism with assaults and attempted murders thrown in to the mix)?  Minority business owners, workers and residents.  These folks have elected their mayors, and their governors in these “progressive” states.  These elected officials have not acted decisively early in the process to prevent the current terrible situation, which continues spiraling out of control.  The destruction of their communities and their livelihoods ought to make these citizen voters angry as hell.  Pandering to the thugs may cost the Democrats in coming elections.  If these poor working class blacks finally realize how badly the Democrats have used them and played them for the past 55 years since LBJ and his not so Great Society, they will sit home come election day.  All the shrill cries of racism will not be enough to get the blacks to the polls any longer for the party that has allowed this nightmarish destruction to happen.

As to the right of self defense, recall the second of Obama’s nominees to the US Supreme Court and her confirmation hearings.  Elena Kagan, not qualified for the position, was asked by a senator if we citizens had the right to self defense.  She was dumbfounded and could not readily give an answer, either in the affirmative or the negative.  She stumbled along and babbled that she did not know of any case law on the question!  That is the mind set of the progressive.  The most obvious and basic rights they cannot comprehend.

reparations proposed for slavery in the US

We heard a little about a proposed reparations for slavery scheme for blacks in the US.  I think it was the founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET) who put this forward recently.  What is it now – 14.7 trillion dollars in total to be paid out to 40+ million blacks here in the US today?  Not sure how they came up with the numbers – about $357,000 (something like that) per black person in the US.  Such precision or exactitude!  But, again, I have no idea the methodology they used to arrive at this figure.

The only thing to say here is that it is not going to happen.

But, it will be amusing how Joe Biden, who has mispoken many times in his long career on race relations and related issues, responds to this proposal when asked how he will implement it.

other thoughts

It is not just inner city blacks and Hispanics who see that the police are not being allowed to protect them.  Whites, including suburban “soccer moms” are seeing this as well.  I suspect that millions of Americans are making changes, or soon will be in their lives because of this continuing senseless violence.

Early on, back in March, when local jails were being emptied out of fear of this virus (which as all can now see was never the threat to public health that it was hyped to be), there was a rush to buy guns by residents of inner cities.  Many of these folks were first time gun buyers.  Then, with the shuttering of many businesses and industries since March, the supply of both guns and ammunition has been reduced.

Last week, I was in a rural gun store (here in a Red state), and spoke with the proprietor about the current situation.  He told me that many of the gun manufacturers are located in Blue states (those states with Democratic governors who have purposely delayed reopening their states’ economies, and have prolonged the economic pain for their small business owners and workers).  But, the gun industry is beginning to start back up, and in the coming months the supply of guns and ammunition should return to close to where it was back in January and February.  Thus, prices should fall, and availability and selection improve for prospective buyers.  I think there will be a surge in demand for guns given what we see today in the streets.  As well, Bozo Biden, the old fool, on stage back in March after some primary victories said to Beto O’Rourke that he would make him the nation’s Tsar (Czar) for “Gun Safety”.  Wow.  Can you connect the dots?  Beto was the guy that kept trying to wow and woo the audience in the earlier debates, and in one debate he actually committed to confiscating semi-automatic rifles from law-abiding citizens.  Possible attempts to grab guns after the election will be another factor in driving higher demand for guns during the remainder of the year.

All that said, if you are considering a gun purchase, do it before the next administration takes office in January.  If you are unfamiliar with guns, but wish to purchase one, there are gun safety courses available.  For citizens in states that respect the Second Amendment, the automatic Federal background check is likely the only significant thing that will be done at time of purchase, and point of sale,  If you are not a convicted felon, and have no outstanding arrest warrants, you can buy a gun.  For those in Blue states, or states controlled by Democrats, well you will have state measures to deal with.

The gun shop owner briefly talked with me about the requirements for a Conceal and Carry permit.  But, given the stresses in society and the break down in public safety as the streets have been yielded to the roaming gangs of savages, I think that, personally, I won’t bother with the legal requirements here.  I may be carrying a loaded hand gun in my vehicle in the future, especially if my wife and I drive any significant distance into the countryside.  We are older now, and if we experience a break down to our car (unlikely, but possible), we can never know who might stop by the side of the road.  Can you tell if someone is stopping to help you, or to possibly rob or assault you?  A risk averse person will opt to take measures to reduce the risk in that situation.  The old saying goes like this: I would rather be judged by 12, than carried by six.  And, we are not encouraging violence by saying this.  We are only reminding readers that, yes, they do have a God given right to defend their lives from those who would take their lives away.

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  1. We neglected to mention above that, as police almost always arrive on scene after a crime has been committed, law abiding citizens (business owners, or people in their homes) who show that they have a gun often are able to deter crimes as would be thieves and assailants often flee when they see their intended victims are armed. Of course, the gun grabbers do not want you to know this.

  2. Do you have a reference or link for this Elena Kagan situation? I am no doubting your post on this, but I want to follow up. “As to the right of self defense, recall the second of Obama’s nominees to the US Supreme Court and her confirmation hearings. Elena Kagan, not qualified for the position, was asked by a senator if we citizens had the right to self defense. She was dumbfounded and could not readily give an answer, either in the affirmative or the negative. She stumbled along and babbled that she did not know of any case law on the question! That is the mind set of the progressive. The most obvious and basic rights they cannot comprehend.” Aloha.

    1. I do not have a link for it, but recall it from memory as it was played back at a later time on program on television. I believe the quote above, possibly paraphrased from my memory is accurate as to substance. The real issue is the appointment of ideologically driven jurists to the high court who do not wish to adjudicate the law but seek to engage in social engineering from the bench.

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