George Floyd murder: a media false flag operation?

The entire world, or at least the vast majority of individuals who have seen the infamous video of George Floyd expiring on the pavement under the knee of a white police officer, seems to have concluded that this murder was a racially motivated killing.  At least, that is the media narrative that has been pushed from the instant that this video went “viral” on social media the world over.

But, was it?  Was this killing the act of a man who was motivated solely or primarily by racial hatred and related blood lust?  Or, could this killing have been an act committed by a personal enemy of Mr. Floyd, whose motivations for killing had nothing to do with race?  In your mind, consider if the police officer was not a police officer.  Then this crime would be that of a white man killing a black man.  (And, if this were the case, there likely would not have been the violence in the streets that we have experienced now for several days and nights.)  Immediately, many folks would think that it was a racially motivated hate crime.  But, perhaps these individuals, long known to each other, were serious enemies for other reasons that had nothing to do with race or bigotry or prejudices.

This widely accepted, media narrative has bothered me from the start.  Why?  Because it seems very odd that a police officer of many years service and experience, who had had multiple prior opportunities to kill a black suspect, but had not, would kill in broad daylight while he was looking into a cell or Iphone camera.  Given the common knowledge in the US as to how people of color and various pressure groups (such as BLM) would react, and the fact that he knew his actions were being caught on camera so that he would not get away with his act of wanton murder, why did he continue crushing the life out of Mr. Floyd?!  Does that not strike you as odd?  (This officer may quite possibly be murdered in prison in the future.)

We may never know the full truth of this case.  If it goes to a criminal trial rather than ending in a plea bargain deal, more critical facts and factors in this case might come to light.  But, I cannot help but think there is more to the motivations of the police officer than is publicly known now.  From some posts online, it does indeed appear that these men were known to each other, and had been so for some years now.  There may have been some very bad, ill will between them that has not yet come to light.

The potential false flag here is to reflexively blame “racism” on the part of white police officer(s) for this murder.  The murder occurred, yes.  Mr. Floyd is dead.  But, we cannot definitively say (with any confidence) that he was killed from racially motivated hate.  There may indeed be other critically important factors.  A false flag operation is when other actors (parties) or other motives than the true ones are blamed for the act(s) that occurred.

The media is only interested in stirring the pot, or rather turning up the heat to create a media circus.  It does not matter to these folks that they have fanned the flames of racial animosity and stoked the violence gripping many of the nation’s cities now.  And, we must note here that the people that will bear the heavy price for the arsons, the trashing and looting of stores and businesses in the inner cities are the poor working class blacks and Latinos who reside in those inner cities.  The black criminals and the white and black anarchists perpetrating this destructive violence and mayhem do not care for black lives or for anything.

The “progressive” stupid ass white liberals in the mayor offices and governor mansions of these states where the violence is not being quelled have blood on their hands, and are big freaking hypocrites.

We give credit to, and applaud the black mayors of Atlanta and Denver who have early on publicly condemned this senseless violence and destruction.

Just some food for thought.

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  1. There is footage of George Floyd getting put into an ambulance by police not EMT, it looks very suspicious. MSM doesn’t show this clip, also George Floyd and the murderer cop might have know each other because they had both worked at the same club with overlapping shifts. I can imagine that this was a planned event to incite rage.

    1. Yes, Judy, it could be. We also do not seem to have any video footage of the short time between when Floyd was standing on the sidewalk in handcuffs and the time he was next seen on the ground. What occurred during that time?

      A subtext here is that all of our lives (325 million of us) have had our lives disrupted to a greater or lesser degree over this phony virus crisis and millions of people who are now unemployed are very angry and very anxious – understandable to be sure. With so much collective stress in society, almost any catalyst could set off these convulsions.

      One other point is that factual empirical evidence actually shows that in recent years very few unarmed black people have been killed by police. We have come a long way from the days when Mick Jagger could sing of police shootings of blacks on a frequent basis.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      1. You’re welcome, Larry. So many people seem blinded with rage, desperation from losing jobs, I agree it was a perfect storm timing-wise.

        I saw footage of presumably Floyd getting beaten/struggling inside the cop car with the same asshole cop trying to keep him in the car. I think that Floyd said he was claustrophobic but the cop considered that resisting arrest and that’s when he pushed him facedown on the ground. I was going to post that footage but it’s so traumatizing, I’m so sick of seeing it getting replayed in MSM (inciting constant rage).

        I think many false flag events were designed with specific purpose whether for gun control or to start wars.

      2. Good points.

        As to false flags starting wars, that is standard operating procedure for the US since at least 1898. We have dealt with the serious problems in Western historiography on this blog several times since the blog’s inception 8 years ago. It really sucks when you get out into the adult world and find that you were lied to by so many people and from so many sources. That said, some of the people, like high school and college history teachers and professors do not know themselves that they do not have the whole story in the text books they use.

        I hope and pray that I am wrong, but I fear that things are going to get worse before they get better here in the US and in other countries.

      3. I agree with you, I feel lied to but there are very few friends that I can discuss these topics with. Ignorance is bliss, they label people crazy that disagree with the majority. Professors especially seem to indoctrinate the liberal narrative whether they know better or not. Life is getting crazier, more out of control I feel very scared about the future of the world.

      4. You are not alone, Judy. The group think is really out of control. The leading voices demand uniformity of opinion and thought which leads to conformity. Those who are not in the habit of thinking independently often get swept along with the tide.

      5. It’s how the nazis rose to power, just following the group mindset. The Stanford Experiment comes to mind where there were prisoners/prison guard roles given to students and the “guards” became abusive because they assumed they’d be stopped by the ones conducting the experiment. It showed how “average” people can do atrocities by not independently thinking. It’s like how cults operate too.

      6. Be careful now, What we know about the “Nazis” is only victors’ propaganda used to vilify the Germans so as to distract attention away from the very heinous war crimes and brutal occupation policies of the victorious Allies in Europe from 1945 to 1950. More people need to be red pilled on what really caused the war in Europe and who were the real villains. Mike King’s The Bad War, banned in March, 2017 from Amazon is a classic on the topic.

        But, I do get your point above.

      7. Many unknowns in history I think, we’re told what happened. I’m just starting to uncover bits of truth. All I really know now is to be suspicious of what we’re told.

    1. Yes, the economic lock down and now this widespread unrest and lawlessness in the cities at night, who can say how this will play out in the coming months.

  2. I for one applaud Candace Owens’ take on this whole situation. We were never told that George Floyd was on fentanyl and methamphetamines when he was busted. Nor were we told that he had spent over five years in prison for multiple offenses, including a home invasion that almost took a pregnant (black) woman’s life. We are never told the whole story by the (((media))).

    1. Yes, but that does not lessen the outrageous nature of his killing.

      We do not need a war on police. The graffiti now says “Kill Cops”. That is very troubling.

      This man’s death has been hijacked by those who were waiting for just such an opportunity to engage in destructive acts. These calls for defunding and/or eliminating police departments is not the answer.

      1. True, but I am suspicious of what we all saw in the video. It had entirely too much of a “staged” aspect to it. Mike King thinks both Derek Chauvin and George Floyd were undercover CIA, as well as the other three cops. There is a significant possibility that they staqed Floyd’s killing in order to start a race war and prevent Trump’s re-election. They definitely succeeded in the former.

        Jared Taylor just wrote an article showing how alleged racial bias in police departments simply isn’t the case, when you consider the fact that blacks have a vastly greater propensity to commit violent crimes than whites or Asians do, with Hispanics somewhere in between these extremes.

        It seems to me that what people of all colors need to be focusing on is MEDIA BIAS, as opposed to white or police bias, which is not giving us the whole story regarding how violence relates to race in this country. More than anything else, this is what is feeding racial division here. The mass media neglects to tell us that blacks are 8 to 10 times more likely to commit violent crimes than whites are, so it should not be any wonder that blacks get killed by police more than whites do. Still, fewer unarmed blacks are killed by police than unarmed whites (9 blacks as compared to 19 whites last year), and the number of blacks killed has been going DOWN for the past three years now! But the media won’t report any of thee numbers, because want to see white America get destroyed.

      2. Thanks for your insights, Stephen.

        Yes, the media stokes division of all kinds in this country. They wish to create media events, and often they succeed in doing so.

        But, even though I am a fan of Mike King and appreciate his analysis on many topics, I do not think that all the cops involved were CIA. And, as to Floyd being CIA, that is a bit of a stretch for me. It is a terrible shame and injustice that one or two rogue cops (one officer was on Floyd’s back while Chauvin was on his neck) are serving as the pretext or catalyst for a war on all cops across the nation. This is not going to end well. Who will suffer most if police are partially defunded or eliminated in the cities? Minorities who live there will be victimized by violent miscreants more than ever!

        This race baiting by the Democrats to increase black voter turnout may back fire on them. Many blacks in the cities want the police there to keep some control on the violent crime.

      3. George Floyd was 6′ 6″, but his closed funeral casket could barely hold a 5′ 4″ man. Floyd was in prison for 5 years for conducting a home invasion, the suddenly released with no trace of his whereabouts for the last 5 years, until two weeks ago. I watched a video of his arrest last night on FB that left me wondering what was going on there. He tried to buy cigarettes with a fake $20 bill, then left the store to wait in a car across the street, until the police arrived to arrest him? Several other peculiar things, like a scene with all 4 cops talking around a cop car – but no sign of George Floyd. Then there were the “paramedics” who arrived wearing bullet-proof vests and carrying guns. Wtf?

        The CIA has been known to pop up in the strangest places. Remember Jesse Ventura meeting 300 of them in the basement of the Minnesota governor’s mansion? They all looked like ordinary citizens.

        Read this for much more about possible CIA connections here:

      4. Now just hold on there, Stephen. You may be going too far here. You are talking conspiracy theory. (But, who can say what the truth really is here.)

        Mike Walsh posted a piece early on that had Floyd as an adult film star (as in porn) and being a gangsta rapper, too. Either way, he ought not to have been killed, but the media’s lionizing him in death is a bit too much.

        As an aside, I caught a little of Coast to Coast AM last night (which I rarely listen to), and the nut case Jerome Corsi has just put out an e-book that he wrote over this past weekend. He is asserting that the powers that be will try and remove Trump from office in the next 2 months. He predicts imminent war, a shooting war, with China, and continued riots across the nation. Wow. When this does not come to pass (at least the removal of Trump and the hot war with China), this Corsi fellow will finally fade away. He is another fake who sees all events as giving glory to the state of Israel. He asserted on the radio last night that Trump will win re-election, and foil attempts at removing him from office because he moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He, of course, failed to mention the anniversary yesterday of Israel’s intentional attack in June, 1967 on the USS Liberty, which killed 34 sailors and wounded/maimed 170+ more. Corsi got his start by writing on Joseph Farah’s World Net Daily. WND is essentially a Christian Zionist propaganda website that spins the news to fit the Protestant pro-Israel line.

        Just had to vent. The US was not founded to serve the interests of the enemies of humanity.

      5. Corsi is not all bad, but then almost all of the conservative Right is pro-Israel these days. They don’t get a platform to speak unless they are. Which is why I pretty much shrugged off Trump’s Zionist tendencies, because I knew an anti-Zionist wouldn’t stand a chance of ever becoming POTUS, or even working in the Trump administration. People like Robert David Steele and Cynthia McKinney come to mind here.

  3. Oh, here’s a couple of articles I just unearthed today that STRONGLY point to the George Floyd incident as being a false-flag psy-op, including the use of “crisis actors”. The cop who allegedly killed Floyd was also seen running away at the Boston Marathon bombing, and possibly at Sandy Hook. “George Floyd” (not his real name) may have attended his own funeral!

    This shit’s gotta stop.

    1. What is truth?

      Truth is what people can be made to believe, sorry to say.

      But, I agree: this shit has got to stop.

      So, Stephen, who, pray tell died on the asphalt in Minneapolis? At least 2 autopsies were performed on a body. Are we to believe it was not Floyd’s body?

      On another note, Floyd has been lionized in death to almost sainthood. But, he had a long rap sheet of crimes, some violent.

      1. How do you know anybody died? How do you know two autopsies were performed? On who? Who is George Floyd?

        I disagree with you about truth. What people believe is usually NOT the truth!

      2. Stephen, my friend, my remark about truth was somewhat tongue in cheek. Propaganda is quite effective when the citizenry has largely lost its critical thinking abilities.

        Another blogger joked or opined that Floyd was relaxing on a beach now, somewhere in the Caribbean. Of course, we cannot know for sure much these days. But, the guy in the video had his neck crunched for nearly nine minutes. I would say that it looks convincing that he likely died from that.

        What is noteworthy is the silence from all of these BLM people about the deaths of 2 black men during the riots. Underwood was a black Federal Security Officer shot dead in front of the federal building in Oakland, CA. A few days later, a retired St. Louis police captain, David Dorn, was killed (streamed on FaceBook) and died in front of a friend’s pawn shop he was defending. These black lives do not matter to the virtue signalling fools and cucks in the streets.

      3. Not sure if this is true (need to “fact-check” it), but I recently read that 97% of all blacks who died of gunshot wounds were killed by OTHER BLACKS, not whites or police! How ’bout reminding blacks that they are by far the least respectful of other black lives? I’m sick of being accused of things that I am totally innocent of! Blacks need to start taking responsibility for their own behavior.

        Also, I would not be so dismissive of the George Floyd incident being a false-flag psy-op. Stranger things have happened (e.g. 9/11 or the JFK assassination), and they have still to this day never been adequately explained. If you look into the Sandy Hook “shooting”, you will find that many things just don’t add up, like there is no record of the school even being in operation that day, or for the 4 previous years. The parents weren’t allowed to see the bodies, because there weren’t any bodies to see. But the (((media))) tells us what happened, and most people still believe it, probably because anything to the contrary seems too ludicrous to believe.

        Just remember what Adolf Hitler said in Mein Kampf about the Big Lie being easier to believe than small lies.

      4. As my post above indicated, I think the official narrative that Floyd was killed because a racist cop lost self-control and murdered him is suspect. There is more to this story. But, I do not know that this is full-blown Deep State smoke and mirrors, and that Floyd is alive somewhere. And, I quite agree that the JFK assassination story, the official one is false. As well, the only thing we can say about the 9-11 official story (with any confidence) is that it cannot be the whole truth as there are too many problems with it. The late Victor Thorn wrote books on that story and exposed the many problems with it.

      5. But I still maintain that if there is any chance that my hypothesis is true, then it should be pursued to the Nth degree, because it would defuse the incredible animosity between blacks and cops, plus it would get people to start questioning everything the media tells them. Appearances can be VERY deceiving.

        I don’t know if you watched any of the videos in the link above, Larry, but I would recommend doing so if not. They raise a lot of serious questions.

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