cat on chair

We tried to sneak up on our pet house cat and capture images of him while he napped in a curled up position, which was so cute.  But, he became aware of me so these were the best shots I could obtain early last evening.



This is the recliner chair that I am now having to sleep on as my sciatica pain at night is making sleeping in a bed too uncomfortable.  Yoyo will sometimes wake me up shortly after sunrise by jumping up into my lap and curling up to take a nap while on top of me.



Currently, he is shedding quite a lot of fur as our late Spring temperatures are now into the 90s Farenheit.



Rescued from a shelter by my wife nearly 5 and one half years ago, Yoyo has been a good and affectionate house cat for us.  He made the auto trip with us for our relocation of 1,800 miles last year.



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