noting 8 years of blogging

Given these terrible times, we will not say that we are celebrating our 8th anniversary of blogging.  But, we do mark its passing today with ten of the best pictures we have posted over the  years.

When we started this blog in early June, 2012, we were living in northern Nevada in the Reno-Sparks area.  Then in August, 2015, we moved back to San Francisco.  More recently, early last October (2019), we moved to our current home in the south central part of the US, in the state of Texas.

From a trip my wife, Lucy, took some years ago, we have this image from Cabo San Lucas.



This next pic is from Market Street in downtown San Francisco on a late Spring day.



While driving west in San Francisco in late July a few years ago, we saw this visual effect as the sun set underneath the low lying clouds.



In very early December, 2015, we visited Valley of Fire State Park, east of Las Vegas.  While taking a short hike, we were able to get this pic of Lucy having walked up a sandstone incline.  Temperatures here in the summer can be in the teens, that is above 112 degrees Farenheit.



From late September, 2017, we took this pic while on a hike in Sedona, Arizona.



From Dead Horse Point State Park in Utah (May, 2016), we see this bend of the Colorado river in Canyonlands National Park.  They say there is about one billion years of geologic history visible in this view.



Lucy captured the below image in black and white when she traveled to Thailand with her family.



From a walk near the coast in northwest San Francisco, not very far from the Golden Gate Bridge, we got this image of rock outcroppings from the sea.



While on a visit to Quebec province (Canada) in late October, 2017, Lucy took this pic of autumn leaves along a railroad on a rainy morning.



Lastly, we see ourselves looking up in December, 2018, between 2 office towers in the financial district in San Francisco.  The building on the left is 1 California Street, and the building on the right is 101 California Street.  The glass windows of each building give reflections of the other building.



why did we start blogging

What made me start blogging was my strong views on the topic of routine infant male circumcision here in the US.  I thought after posting that first essay, I would be done blogging.  But, then the fever took hold of me and in June and July, 2012, we blasted out about a hundred posts on many different topics.  And, it has continued for these 8 years.  This blog is a journal of my thoughts on many diverse topics, but hopefully it has helped at least a few individuals to see things from a different perspective.

Here is the link to the first post on this blog.  It is still worth reading today.

end of post

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