thoughts during a societal breakdown

Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed. 

The above quote by Nietzsche (1844 – 1900) is apropos these days on so many issues.

I will give you a quote of my own here:

Be aware that contagious psychosis leads to collective insanity.

How can people be reached these days, especially those who turn from real world evidence that contradicts their ideology?  When one’s ideology is in stark contradiction from reality, it must be rejected.  Today, ideology, often liberal or “progressive” ideology, substitutes for religion in many individuals’ lives.  And, as religious persons can descend into fanaticism, so can ideologues.

In the words of the Canadian rock band, Rush (from the song, Show Don’t Tell):

You can twist perception, reality won’t budge.


the police in the US are killing unarmed black people on a frequent basis

The empirical evidence coming from the Washington Post is that in 2019 only 10 unarmed black persons were killed by police.  (The post tells us that a total of 1,004 individuals were killed by police in the US during 2019.  The overwhelming majority were armed.)  And, upon closer inspection of these 10 separate cases, one finds that in 8 cases, the officer was acting in self defense in desperate hand to hand to conflict or in battle with a suspect who had a non-firearm weapon of some kind.  In the other 2 cases, the officer(s) were criminally charged in the deaths.  This item has appeared on a couple of TV networks in recent days so I am assuming that the Post is being correctly quoted here as to the number of unarmed blacks killed by police in the US for the most recent year, 2019.

The point is that these protesters with their shrill cries and their homemade signs asserting that police are killing blacks on an almost daily basis is pure bull-shit.  Again, when your ideology is in contradiction with reality, it is time to make some adjustments in your beliefs, as painful as that may be.

misinformation about the origins of Antifa

Let me correct some of the uninformed or misinformed talking heads on TV, who have in recent days asserted that Antifa goes back to the “Nazi” brown shirts (SA) or the SS.  Wrong!  Antifa’s roots go back to the leftist, communist thugs in Weimar Germany who were having running street battles with the National Socialists and other groups in the terrible years in the 1920s in Germany.  There has been some revisionist research in recent years that informs us that it was these communist and anarchist thugs in Germany who were committing many murders and committing acts of wanton destruction during that period.  German voters were rejecting this murderous anarchy and threat of communist takeover by voting for the National Socialist party in the many elections leading up to Hitler becoming Chancellor in late January, 1933.  (The Antifa thugs of the time in Germany acted much like the “republicans” in Spain, who were a collection of communists and anarchists, and, who committed terrible atrocities during the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939.)

ten dollar college words being thrown around now

Nuance.  Intersectional this or that.  Systemic as in “systemic racism”.

Wow.  Perhaps these purveyors of these buzz words went to college – I guess they did.  I, too, attended university, but that was at a time (in the late 1970s) before the 60s radicals had attained tenure as professors in academia.  I do not use these fancy words to try and wow folks.  As well, I never felt attracted to group think or became enmeshed in it.

We are now hearing several times each day of “systemic racism” in the US.  Just repeating this, like a mantra, does not make it true.  I am going to leave it up to each individual reader to reflect on whether this is true of the US in the year 2020.  Does “systemic racism” exist?  If so, in what forms?

Perhaps, it will be asserted that it exists and is proved by the fact that blacks are arrested at a much higher per capita rate than other ethnic and racial groups in the nation.  As well, the disproportionate black prison population in the US will be touted as proof positive of systemic racism.  But, what is not being spoken about is that published FBI crime statistics have shown, year after year, that blacks commit violent crimes at a much higher rate than any other group in the country.  And, there is more.  Blacks do not just commit more crimes on a relative basis vis-a-vis all other groups, but in absolute numbers of crimes, too.  I would say that there is a serious problem here.

Does “systemic racism” cause blacks to commit more violent crimes than any other group in society?  I guess that is how proponents of systemic racism might respond to the above paragraph.

But, we can go further here for those frauds and hypocrites that go by the name of Black Lives Matter (BLM).  Most victims of the violent crimes committed by blacks are other blacks (this is borne out by the published crime statistics mentioned above, and  by the daily news from cities such as Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia, New Orleans, etc.).  Yet, on this serious issue BLM is no where to be found.  So, for these moral arbiters of our society, why is there no outrage over blacks killing other blacks each night throughout the year?  Exactly which black lives matter?

Where are the black civil rights activists and black community leaders now that inner city black neighborhoods are being burned and looted almost every night with some killings of blacks also?  For the most part, they are no where to be found.

The ideologically driven narrative allows for only one interpretation of reality: that systemic racism is responsible for all these terrible events and actions, and that evil white folks are responsible for systemic racism.  Essentially, individual blacks bear no personal responsibility for any of their actions.  Think about that.  Does that not sound racist to you?  Blacks cannot be responsible for their actions during these destructive riots.  What are we to think – that they are no better than the unthinking beasts of the jungle?

goofy Joe Biden – hypocrite and fraud

Disclaimer – I write these words as an independent, who is not a member of any political party.

It is Biden now who has now joined in and is spouting this mantra of systemic racism here in the US.  (If it existed, how could we account for the bi-racial Barack Obama, who self-identifies as being black, being elected President twice?!)  Biden has been a public figure all of his adult life.  He has played on the race issue again and again to get needed votes to serve in the US Senate.  (If not for the black voters in Wilmington, Delaware, no one would ever have heard of this creepy guy.)

But we must ask ourselves this:  Just what did Obama and Biden do in eight years for blacks in the US?

The economic metrics tell a sorry story.  Blacks were worse off during the eight years of Obama than during the previous eight years of George W. Bush.

So, what is this all about?

It is about playing on the emotions of black people so that they do go down to the polls to vote for Biden, who really does not have much of a message right now.  Independents, who may not like much about Trump, see little from Biden to give them confidence in him.  Thus, Biden must, absolutely must get the 90 (or more) per cent of the black vote, and the 90 plus per cent voter turnout among blacks to have a fighting chance in November.  It does not matter that Biden has never done anything constructive or substantive to help blacks in his political life.  If he can fool them and use them just one more time, he might end up taking the oath of office next January.

Only in America!!

Reject group think.

copyright 2020 –


  1. Excellent point about how Obama could never have been elected President (twice) if “systemic racism” truly existed in America! Both McCain and Romney would have won in landslide elections in 2008 and 2012 (respectively), had white voters voted purely along racial lines, like black voters do practically all the time!

    People of all colors need to think about this.

    1. Yes, good observation.

      The sad fact is that the American voters are given a poor choice for President each time. It is always between two great evils, and when we vote for the lesser of two great evils we are still voting for an evil. Very sad. We need new parties, but we will never get these. McCain and Romney were poor candidates, who would not have made good presidents if they had been elected. That said, Obama and his AG for the first 6 years, Eric Holder, did much to stoke the fires of racial tension and animosity in this country. The Left does not really want healing, but seeks to keep us divided against each other.

      1. McCain and Romney were absolutely HORRIBLE candidates, and it was no surprise to me that they lost. I almost voted for Obama in 2008, but then I saw that Goldman-Sachs was his biggest campaign contributor, by a considerable margin. That was a big red flag for me. Had nothing to do with his race. He was certainly WAY more articulate than Gee Dubya, which was a relief, and said all the right things about keeping us out of foreign wars, although there was no follow-thru on that score in his actions. The increased racial division was almost too subtle for me to notice, until “identity politics” suddenly reared its ugly head right after Obama left and Trump took over. Maybe I was thinking that since Obama got elected TWICE, there would be no further talk of racial division in this country. How wrong I was! The Left seems determined to replace all white men in office now with non-white women, as if that’s the only criterion we should ever consider.

      2. Stephen, thank you for your comment above.

        Obama’s first AG, for six years, was Eric Holder. He stoked racial divisions in this country. The Left wants to keep whites and blacks at each others’ throats so to speak, as this distracts us from their strategy of incrementally taking our true rights away. It is like a divide and conquer, or divide and demoralize strategy, and so far it has worked.

        I keep pointing out the fraudulent nature of this Soros funded BLM. They are silent on black on black murders, which occur every single night in the US. As well, they are never found protesting outside the Planned Parenthood abortion mills in the inner cities across the country. Black babies are torn apart in their mothers’ wombs, and that is fine with these stupid ass virtue signalling moral cretins.

        What about the 77 year old, retired St. Louis police captain murdered while defending a friend’s pawn shop from violent looters?! No tears for him. By the way, David Dorn was black.

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