question the premise, and some recent links

Man made global warming, the extremely deadly nature of the Corona virus, vaccines are safe, “systemic racism” – whenever the media and the unthinking masses chant the same thing ad infinitum and ad nauseum, beware.  We need to stop, step back, and question the premise.  Just because a thing gets repeated millions and millions of times these days does not necessarily mean that it is true.

A healthy skepticism is warranted and needed in these times.  As well, as we have said before on this blog, no person is morally obligated to remain within the ranks of the insane.  Mob mentality is dangerous.

We see increasing and aggressive censorship on so many social media platforms and content sites.  Doctors who have dared to expose that the Corona Virus is not as deadly as feared have had their articles and videos purged from various sites online.  It appears that any dissenting opinions, even when based on credible evidence, are now being summarily banned by the powers that be.  Are they afraid the people may just wake up and see how badly they have been played in recent months?!  This is yet another reason for a healthy skepticism in these terrible times.

We offer some links to several recent posts by other bloggers which are timely, informative and thought provoking.  Each reader must determine for him or herself which links to read, and what is likely true and accurate or not.


Some poetry here:

Beautiful images from the rural areas of Kansas:

What’s Going On?

A college conservative gives us this recent post:

We rarely hear from the police officers about their perspective.  Here is a link to an article with the relevant thoughts of a black cop.  This is highly recommended.

In this next linked video, an alleged former black member of Black Lives Matter (BLM) exposes the extremist ideology driving it.

A leaked report in Germany exposes the fake health crisis and the inappropriate response by governments to it.

FEAR FACTOR: German Official Leaks Report Denouncing COVID-19 As “A Global False Alarm”

Next, we see now clearly that the lock downs were not warranted, and that the models which  government bureaucrats used to justify their hysterical reaction to this virus were suspect from the start.

Politically incorrect articles and web sites now.

Rhodesia is now Zimbabwei.  We, in the West, do not know much of the true history of that region of southern Africa.  Perhaps, this article can be instructive.

Here is a relatively new site where interested individuals can find videos that have been, or would be banned on/by YouTube on controversial topics.  There is a search function somewhere and this site can be a reference or source for banned or taboo videos and documentaries.  It does seem to have a pro-White or pro ethnic European bias, but perhaps that is needed given all the anti-white bigotry and hatred we see in the streets these days.  (Some may consider the site “anti-Semtic”, but that (smear) term has been weaponized for many years now.  Can an honest and objective search for certain historical truths be, by default, “anti-Semitic”?  You decide.)

Our feature image is from Shutter Stock and was a totally random choice.



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