a visit to an auto graveyard

On 28 February, we visited an auto wrecking yard or salvage yard in search of some hub caps.

There were many used tires for sale.



There were carts for use when pulling out heavy parts by customers.



A typical scene within the salvage yard.



Another row of dead cars is seen in this view.



More cars which have been consigned to the auto grave yard are seen in this next pic.



An interesting way to spend some time on a late winter afternoon.  Remember this was before the madness of the Corona Virus and related lock downs, and the current madness in the streets.



It was not cold this Friday afternoon, but the sun was somewhat intense so I covered up to avoid sun burn.



A visitor or customer has to hunt for needed parts and accessories, row by row.



Lucy captured her shadow in this last image.



copyright 2020 – larrysmusings.com

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