Why you can’t win arguments against intersectionality — and shouldn’t try

Life is not a popularity contest. Be true to yourself, and understand that that will cost you “friends”. Break with the herd. Thinking critically is now a revolutionary act in these terrible times.

Hommunism News

The Sky is Blue

(source) Two statements, same assertion:

1) “The sky is blue.”

2) “Sunlight reaches Earth’s atmosphere and is scattered in all directions by all the gases and particles in the air. Blue light is scattered more than the other colors because it travels as shorter, smaller waves. This is why we see a blue sky most of the time.”

Both statements include the same claim.

The first is a statement with readily observable properties and immediately available provability/disprovability. It allows for very specific discussion and debate, and a consensus on this point will allow further research into the factors behind it.

The second can still be discussed, but there’s so much context and reference that to argue it one must systematically accept or reject many assertions, and risk looking ignorant at each one.

The argument, in this case, is not strengthened by logic, but by…

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