ideology and elections have consequences – part one: defunding or disbanding the police, and who will feed American cities?

Well, it had to happen.  A reality check was long over due for progressive elected officials.  In Minneapolis, a (self hating) white woman city supervisor has recently said in response to a questioner words to the effect that if you expect the police to come out to your home in the middle of the night while you are suffering a home invasion that is “privilege”.  To expect to live in a society where you are secure (physically) and there is law and order, you are demanding “privilege”,  No, readers, we could not make this stuff up.

A recent post (see link below) by another blogger informs us that the truckers in the US are now beginning to say that they will not take for delivery loads to cities that defund or disband their police departments.  Their concern, quite legitimate, is for their own personal safety.  They see the police being attacked now on a daily basis, and there have been hijackings of semi trucks on interstate highways in and near major urban centers in recent weeks.

Question: Who will feed the people in the cities if the truckers refuse to drive into lawless urban hell-holes that will rather quickly resemble Mogadishu?

the moral or lesson of the story

Ideology and elections have consequences.  The cities may see food shortages and food riots if the elected officials continue with this insanity of removing law enforcement from the streets.  All crimes will increase, not just property crimes.  Do you in the cities truly desire more murders, rapes, assaults, home invasions, drug dealing, human sex trafficking, etc.?!  Do you wish to see the grocery stores and drug stores looted and burned to the ground?  Do you want to know hunger, in addition to fear?

This twisted progressive ideology is destroying Western civilization.  And, multiculturalism or Cultural Marxism is not what many of us want as these simply further divide us.

Think about it.

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