ideology and elections have consequences – part two: all hail the coming puppet-in-chief

Once again, we Americans are confronted with a rather lousy choice in the upcoming presidential election.  It is sad that one of the candidates from the 2 major and corrupt political parties here in the US is mentally impaired.  Joe Biden is deteriorating mentally day by day.  This is plain for all to see when he speaks out on any issue.  Now, he loses his train of thought within a few broken sentences.  He never was the brightest bulb, and it is doubtful if he ever had an original thought in his political life.

What can we expect if he is elected, which appears likely at this point (mid June, 2020)?  With George W. Bush we had a President who was beholden to, or even in thrall of powerful special interests and that is why he embroiled the US in endless wars in the hellish Middle East.  With Barack Obama, we had our most recent example of an ideologically driven President.  But, with Joe Biden, we are clearly going to have a puppet-in-chief, a figure head president serving the interests of powerful political players and special interests.  Who will be pulling his strings?  As Biden is now mentally impaired, due to ossification of his brain, he is quite malleable.  Thus, it is not far fetched to say that those of the far Left will be manipulating and controlling him.

Will we return to the day of the “Tsars” as when Obama appointed party hacks and ideologues to deal with various issues in the country?  Biden already let slip (back in March) that he will make Beto O’Rourke the “Tsar” for “gun safety” – a euphemism for disarming the law abiding citizenry.  Who might be the “Tsar” for the so-called Green New Deal (estimated to cost one hundred trillion dollars to achieve, and it is completely unnecessary (as “man made” global warming is a scam) for a bankrupt country to try to undertake)?

Another factor to consider is that given his decline in health and his advanced age, Biden may pass away during his first term in office.  Then, whoever is vice president will become President.  Heaven help us if those pulling his strings now command him to pick Kamala Harris to be his vice presidential running mate.  Harris is ideologically driven and has benefited all during her political life from identity politics (first as a prosecutor in the Bay Area, and then as the Attorney General for California, and then again in her US Senate campaign in 2016).

Back to Biden.  He continues to play the race card hoping to drive up black voter turnout in the election.  But, he keeps tripping himself up with his almost daily gaffes.  As well, more commentators, even many on the Left are now scrutinizing his record, or lack thereof, of actually doing anything helpful for blacks.  Can he fool and use the blacks one more time?  We shall see.

Ideology and elections do have consequences.  Trump has made several mistakes, even blunders in his time as President (especially listening to the quacks Fauci and Birx).  And, he has picked some losers for various cabinet positions.  He ought to think twice before constantly blasting out his harsh tweets.  That said, it is hard to see how Biden would be better for the country.  Clearly, American voters have a less than optimal choice this time around.  But, elections do have consequences, there is no avoiding that.  And, it is regrettable and most unfortunate that Americans continue to keep these 2 corrupt parties in power.  We need new viable political parties, but, alas, we will likely never get them.

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  1. Trump has done far better than I expected and deserves 4 more years, preferably 4 years with a Republican Congress and without the non-stop Democrat and RINO globalist-drive Trump Derangement of non-stop fake news, fake investigations, fake impeachments, wire tapping, etc. You seem to want to blame the political parties. Instead, I come down hard on the voters for allowing this BS to continue. Americans lose elections in the primaries. Nothing will change until voters wake up, turn off the “news,” pay attention, and even then nothing will change until the deep state coup conspirators are presecuted and jailed. A two tiered legal system destroys republics; if continued the U.S. will see its version of the England’s Peterloo massacre. Aloha

    1. You are quite correct in that ultimately the voters are responsible for enabling these corrupt parties to remain in power. It is not just the media that is to blame. Education has become corrupted and does not strive to develop critical thinking skills in the pupils.

      1. At this point the world would be better off if we eliminated high school and university education except in STEM. There are a few exceptions for example Hillsdale.

  2. Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world” and therefore neither is it ours, if we’re real Christians. The Lord told me years ago to stop voting because no matter who I voted for, I was responsible for whatever evil they did once in power. I have only one king, King Jesus. It doesn’t which puppet gets (s)elected, they all bow to the devil!

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