links of interest and a music video

Here is an aphorism that is appearing in more places these days:  “The Truth is Hate to Those Who Hate the Truth”.  It is worth pondering: could this aphorism be true?



recent links of interest

This first linked post informs readers what the bugger* Bill Gates has been up to with his harmful vaccine plots and crimes.  Good for India for shutting down his foundation in that country.

* “bugger” is the British analogue of the American word “f_cker”

These next 3 linked articles consider how the world’s economy has been crippled by these destructive lock downs and what that means going forward.  Sorry to say, the elites – who pull the strings of our puppet leaders – will become richer while the rest of us become poorer and less free.

Often overlooked during financial crises and panics, is that not all players lose money.  Au contraire!  Those who know what is coming usually short the markets and reap mega profits, which they then use to buy up companies cheaply later.

Note: This site, for these links, may take several seconds to load.

The US in the 2020s may come to resemble Weimar Germany of the 1920s:

AMERIKA: ‘Weimar 2020’, What Going on is One of the Greatest Wealth Transfers in History

Another related article:

DAS KAPITAL: ‘Unstoppable’, The Greatest Depression & the Reverse Wealth Effect – By Charles Hugh Smith

The elites who meet at Davos, Switzerland each year decide our economic fortunes.

REALPOLITIK: Now Comes the Davos ‘Great Reset’ – By F. William Engdahl

The lust for power is even more harmful and destructive than the lust for sex.  Why don’t the church men condemn the lust for power?!

 a notable music video

We came across this music video (see link below) recently.  We were able to view it on the large screen Roku TV my wife purchased several months ago.  The instrumental song, Take Me With You, is from the Amigos album by Santana (1975).  This 5 minute long song starts off brisk and forceful, and then transitions to slow, soft, and tender, and has an “afterglow” feel at the end of the song.  (What might that be suggestive of?)  This particular video version has a “psychedelic” effect on viewers.

Even though, we think that the music was best during the ’80s, there was much good music during the earlier decade of the 1970s.  Santana released many albums in that period.  Notable albums included Caravanserai (1972), Borbolleta (1974), Amigos (1975), Festival (1976), Moonflower (1977), Inner Secrets (1978), and Marathon (1979).  If you were listening to music during that time, you no doubt remember the colorful album covers for these LP records.




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