short book review for Debating the Holocaust – A New Look at Both Sides

We all know that Adolf Hitler is the most demonized figure in all of world history.

Q: Why is Hitler so bad?

A: Because he killed “six million” Jews – we all know that.

No, we have all been taught that.  But, do we really know that to be true?

Disclaimer: Daring to question the officially accepted and propagated holocaust narrative reflexively gets one labelled an “anti-Semite” and/or a “denier”.

Debating the Holocaust – A New Look at Both Sides, by Thomas Dalton (American), latest edition, 2020, Castle Hill Publishers, 330 pages, appendices, bibliographies, and index.  Available on at this link:



This book is divided into 3 main parts.  In Part One, Situating the Holocaust Debate, the official holocaust history is presented.  It is important to note here that there have been many works written in support of the official narrative (referred to as traditionalists), and many works of revisionist research, especially in the past 30 years.  Revisionist responses to the traditionalist claims are noted.

In Part Two, Death Camps in Focus, the individual, alleged death camps are analyzed and both the traditionalist and revisionist analysis and conclusions of what happened in these camps is covered.  The reader will have to decide for him or herself if these camps in wartime occupied Poland were extermination centers or were work and transit camps (as the Germans claimed).  What is notable to the debate is that for the past 15 years or so, there has not been any meaningful refutation of the revisionist claims by the traditionalists.

In the last part of the book, The Future of the Debate, the author informs readers of the immense power of the Jewish interests both in publishing/media and in government in the US.  The Jewish dominance of American culture, media and government can no longer be ignored or denied.  It is this immense power wielded by Jews that explains why most citizens are unaware of the forensic research of the revisionists.  No mainstream publishing houses or media outlets will touch their work or give any attention to it on the air or in newspapers or magazines.  In recent years, tech giants and social media have censored revisionist resources online.

The holocaust is an industry.  The author cites the fact that in each subsequent decade since the 1950s more books and articles have been published in support of the official story than in the preceding decades.  He laments the pulping of so many millions of trees for the purpose of rehashing the same story ad infinitum.

The holocaust is used to blunt or stifle any and all criticism of the state of Israel, and any and all criticism or analysis of Jewish power in the Western world.  As well, the holocaust has been used to extort one hundred billion dollars of reparations from Germany since the 1950s, and has even been used to indict Christian civilization as being “anti-Semitic” and ultimately responsible for the “holocaust” of European Jewry in the 1940s.

Yet, we are not allowed to debate the story.  Why?  All decent and responsible citizens ought to call for open inquiry on this historical controversy.  But, alas, such open inquiry and scrutiny would serve to knock down the house of cards which is the official narrative.

suggestion for interested readers

Our suggestion is that if you have any interest in the holocaust controversy, then go ahead and buy this book now while it is still readily available.  Even if you do not have the time to read it now, this book is a valuable, well researched work for future reference.  It may not be available in the future as censorship and pressure on book sellers to ban book sales on taboo subjects is increasing.  Amazon banned hundreds of titles on the holocaust and on World War II history back in March, 2017, as it bowed to intense pressure from Jewish groups.  As well, YouTube took down hundreds of video talks and documentaries in the past few years that cast doubt on the official holocaust narrative.  (YouTube deleted a short video of ours that was a review of Peter Winter’s book:  The Six Million: Fact or Fiction?)

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  1. Excellent review of a needed expose of a controversial slice of history that has been so distorted and manipulated that it has become “anti-history” (or ahistorical?)! Kudos to Dr. Dalton.

    1. Yes, I have read some of the other recent books by Thomas Dalton. His prose is easy to read, and he makes very incisive and informative points.

  2. Beautifully written.
    I am truly shocked that, out of the ashes, Germans have paid out 100 Billion dollars and are still paying! It points to the extraordinary quality of ethnic-Germans! In contrast, Israel has national debt despite milking Germany, America and other nations for billions of ‘aide’ dollars every year.
    As to the hatred of Christianity, is it not interesting that the Plannedemic just happened to shut down Easter Celebrations globally and, probably, permanently? The fear of Germans and of Christ is obvious.

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