Dr. Fauci and transgender sports

Earlier this week, Dr. Anthony Fauci was complaining that the people no longer had confidence in, nor were listening to science.  He claimed that science is truth.  Apparently, he is trying to find ways to remain relevant and to retain some power or influence over public policy in the US and, hence, over our lives.  He tries to shame us as being disbelieving and disobedient children, who do not respect science.

Dr. Fauci is the poster child for a mandatory retirement age from the US federal bureaucracy.  He ought to have been retired years ago.

Say, Dr. Fauci, you have had your day, and you have done your damage.  History, if it is written honestly,  will not be kind to you.  You and others panicked us into believing that this Corona Virus was a plague that would kill like the Black Death did in Europe in the mid 14th century.  You were wrong.  Why did you rely on the models and projections coming from Imperial College in England, when that institution had previously been off by a factor of one hundred or even nearly one thousand in its death projections for other viruses since the year, 2000?!  You were wrong, and you refuse to admit it.

No, we ought not give doctors or practitioners of science the deference due a medieval priesthood.  Common sense ought to have vetoed these destructive lock downs.  The very real economic misery for many will be here for years to come.



transgender sports

The Supreme Court is weighing in on this issue of biological males, who claim to be transgender, competing in girls’ or women’s sports.  Instead of allowing biological males to run track against women and girls and beat them handily, why not just have sports events solely for transgender males?  These transgender individuals can compete against other transgender individuals, while women and girls (at the college and high school levels) can compete against other women and girls.  We can have men’s sports, women’s sports, and transgender sports.  Or, can we?  The ideology and social engineering seem to require us to allow biological males to compete in women’s sports, and that, whether you want to hear it or not, is not fair to women and girls.  Let us stop letting the tail wag the dog.

By the way, just how many genders are there now-a-days?  11, or 32, or is it up to 87?

link for today

We saw this insightful piece earlier today.  It serves as food for thought as to what the end game may be for America in the not too distant future.

COVID, Identity Politics, and the Global Ruling Elite

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