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In this first linked article, we see a comprehensive (and lengthy) rebuttal of the officially accepted assessment of, and prescription for, the Corona Virus pandemic.  The way this was handled, with the unnecessary lock downs, was either sheer incompetence and stupidity, or a well planned scheme to destroy the economies of Western nations, or possibly some combination of stupidity and evil scheming.

The thinking person’s guide to LOCKDOWN LUNACY

What of love?

Here is an interesting article to consider:

understanding love

talking about “privilege”

Dollar privilege is what may likely collapse in the economic depression that is unfolding now.  That will mean a reduced standard of living for most Americans.  The end of the US dollar’s hegemony in international commerce and finance may be coming.

DAS KAPITAL: You Want To Talk Privilege? Ok, Let’s Talk Privilege…

consider system outcomes

Here is an interesting post that reminds us of the saying that actions speak louder than words.  Education is partly to blame for the problems in society today.  The outcome of public education in the US today is young adults who are largely incapable of critical thinking, sorry to say.  And, that is why it is so very hard to be optimistic about America’s future.

REALPOLITIK: Truth Lies with System Outcomes, Not the Stated Intentions of its Architects


Trump and possible UFO disclosure

CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE: Did President Trump Just Acknowledge Extraterrestrials Crashed at Roswell? – By Dr. Michael Salla

violence in the streets and the war on white people

The violence continues in America’s cities, albeit the MSM has chosen to be quite selective in what it reports, and is mostly not reporting the violent crimes of the mobs in the streets.  What of the white people?

There are at least 2 kinds of white people these days in the Western world.  One group is grovelling in the streets before the mobs.  These folks are useful idiots for the present.  When they are no longer needed, they will likely be brutalized by the same folks they are marching with today.  The other group of white people are the ones who are not self-hating and do not suffer from psychologically induced white guilt.  Many of these whites own firearms, and you will be happy (or relieved) that you have them for neighbors when the violence comes to your neighborhoods.  (Make no mistake!  These thugs in the streets are much like school yard bullies.  When confronted by sufficient force, they flee.)

But, what of the larger issue here, the one that hardly any person dares to bring up or discuss?  The indefatigable Andrea (a Slavic blogger) has posted this insightful piece (below).  It is too bad that 60 to 70 million Americans espouse an idiotic form of Christianity in the US, namely, Christian Zionism (as found in many denominations).  If only people could think critically and objectively when it comes to their religion!  It is taboo for these folks to dare to even think of criticizing Jews or Israel.  But, there are no sacred cows on this blog.  (And, I will add here that the more time that goes by, the worse neocon George W. Bush looks as a president, and not only for his endless wars in the Middle East.)

J-WOW or Jewish war on white is behind the arson of the West

You might want to read and ponder over some, or all of these linked posts.

Our feature image is from Lake Powell (on the Arizona – Utah border) in late September, 2017.



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