a post on the psychological and emotional aspects of sexual intimacy

Readership:  Married persons, and those engaged to be married.

Sex in humans is for more than just reproduction (procreation).

This is where the church men and Christian pastors often get it wrong, quite wrong.  The sexes, men and women, are complementary to each other in more than just their respective roles in procreation.  Men and women complement each other emotionally and psychologically.  It follows that feminine women attract, and are attracted to, masculine men, and that truly masculine men desire authentically feminine women.  (As well, we note the true purpose of Christian sexual morality is to motivate people to keep their sexual activity within marriage to protect the family unit, and not to desexualize them or lead them to ascetic renunciation.)

So, what ought we know of the very powerful emotional and psychological aspects or dimensions of sexual love and intimacy?  And, what about the interplay (dynamism) of the feminine nature or energy with the masculine nature/energy in romantic love?



These important questions have been addressed by a longstanding blogger on femininity.  The below linked article, first published back in 2010, has recently been updated.

Renee Wade, of the Feminine Woman website, has written this classic on understanding why men love to receive oral sex*.  But there is so much more to this very insightful article.  It addresses the psychological and emotional aspects of femininity and masculinity, and the interplay of the woman’s feminine nature or feminine energy with her man’s masculine nature/energy in their loving relationship.  It also instructs us how men and women perceive love differently.  Thus, the article fosters greater understanding of each other for the spouses, and is especially helpful to wives in understanding and fully appreciating their husband’s sexual needs.  Bear in mind that married sexual intimacy is about connection; connecting emotionally, spiritually and physically with your spouse.  Married lovemaking also involves shared vulnerability and mutual respect and acceptance.  Highly recommended.

*Do not allow the post’s title to deter you from reading this very insightful and thought provoking post.  It is not a “how to” article on giving oral sex.  As Renee points out in her remarks, this is intended for those adults in serious and committed relationships.  We encourage married persons, and those engaged to be married, to read and thoughtfully consider what Renee tells us.  (The fact that sex in humans is not solely for procreation is clearly discerned by considering that the capacity for, and desire for sex in both men and women persists throughout each month, and is not limited to the 2-3 day period of fertility in the woman.)


Wives who desire a strong, successful, lasting and happy marriage ought to consider that their husband desires a wife who is sexually available to him, and who is enthusiastic about their sexual intimacy.  Treating sex as a duty or a chore, and not being fully engaged during sexual intimacy is a major source of frustration and disappointment for most husbands.  And, nothing can destroy a man’s love for his wife more surely than withholding sex or using sex as a weapon against him.  A mutually fulfilling sexual relationship with your spouse is a key factor in a successful marriage.

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