freedom, license, and Progressive progress

True freedom requires individuals to take personal responsibility for their lives.  License, or perhaps more accurately, licentiousness, implies no responsibility is required of the individual.  Plenty of groups demand that they have the “right” to do something, and if they can get jurists, fond of social engineering, to go long with their demands, then they do have de facto rights, albeit counterfeit rights.  (Do adult male pedophiles have the “right” to molest and rape adolescent boys?  There are some groups which think so.)

Do people these days want to take personal responsibility for their lives?  Perhaps some do, but many persons these days are acting irresponsibly.  Apparently, in the minds of many is the idea that if they want to do something, then, by default, they must have the right to do so, even if and when what they desire to do tramples the rights of others, or is self-destructive.

Progressive progress

This scamdemic (or scam pandemic) called the Corona Virus is yet again dominating the news.  What is not being given much coverage is the continuing violence in many American cities.  Consider that the out of control mobs are now attacking and victimizing the defenseless including the elderly, the handicapped and pregnant women.  Wow.  Maybe what we are seeing is not merely about one black man killed in Minneapolis several weeks ago.  As well, there are now reports in the print media of increasing vandalism and arson of Christian churches and related religious statuary in various parts of the country.

This is progress, and it is necessary.  It is revolution as the ideology demands that the old system be completely deconstructed, completely torn down and destroyed.  Reform is not possible.  The ends here, the lofty ends clearly justify the means.  That there will be casualties and much suffering along the way is not important.

(Before continuing, let me opine that the men represented by these vandalized and toppled statues had, in their day, more personal integrity and character strength than the thuggish young and not so young miscreants who have torn these down.)

What we are seeing now in the US may be just the beginning of a scenario like that which occurred during the French Revolution, and again in the Russian (or Bolshevik) Revolution, and the Spanish Civil War.  Sadly, most Americans do not know true history and therefore cannot connect the dots.  Have you ever come across a book that treats the Spanish Civil War fairly and objectively?  I have only come across one such book (reviewed some years back on this blog, The Last Crusade).  It seems that almost all books on that period in Spain lionize the “republicans” (those allegedly desiring a republic, but who were actually communists and anarchists).  Such books were written by leftist historians which explains why the truly horrific outrages committed by these so-called republicans have been largely airbrushed out of the historical record.  The revolutionaries in France in the 1790s were so bloodthirsty that they eventually turned on each other, and many faced or endured the guillotine in the end.

Given the shrill demands of the mindless mob in the streets to defund local police forces in many cities, and that the police have been ordered to stand down and not make many arrests amidst the anarchy, it is no surprise that violent crime is spiraling out of control in these cities.  How will this all play out in the future?

Perhaps one possible future in a dystopian and dysfunctional America, rendered impotent by ideology and cowardly and extremely corrupt public officials, is that the sun may rise one day on our cities and these will be littered with corpses.  Enough individuals may come to realize that they have a God given right to self-defense, and that they can only rely on themselves for protecting their families and their businesses and homes.  We are not there – yet.  But, pursuing this insane progressive and anarchic course may lead us there in the not too distant future.  Of course, the imposition of martial law may happen first.  Is that what the progressives really desire?  The nation under martial law with the government in the hands of progressives is a truly worrisome possibility.  Americans have previously surrendered their rights in return for pseudo safety and phantom security.  (Just consider the Patriot Act after 9-11, and these recent and continuing lock downs over a strain of the flu.)

But, if the people begin to take the law enforcement responsibility into their own hands, it will not be very pretty.  At that point, the thuggish anarchists will suffer many casualties and fatalities.  Then the real hunting season will have begun.

Perhaps the more seriously threatening virus in the US is the progressive mental virus that appears to be very contagious among the young and the impulsive.

For those who will fault me for not considering that many persons in the US are angry at the income inequality and the economic stress and hardship they are enduring now, I will say that, yes, those issues need to be addressed, but we cannot effectively address these pressing issues if we are busy tearing down the society.  For those who actually believe in the promise of the progressive dream or fantasy, there are plenty of examples around the globe to demonstrate that it never delivers the goods.

Ideology has come to replace religion in the lives of many people today.  And, ideologues can become violent and very intolerant fanatics.

Given the US is in the latter stages of social decay, for some of us the question comes to mind: Is the country, the society worth saving?  Or, alternatively, is it even worth fighting to save?

Now, we include a link to some music from the early 1970s.  An intriguing, largely instrumental album, Caravanserai, by Santana had many good songs.  Here is one.  (But, the whole album is nicely done.)



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  1. The (((creatures))) who control the Zio-magic wand ….”Money” (((Central Bankers))) control the leanings of chaos “Marxism” who’s job it is to stop the last line of defence in all nations “Nationalism” educating the sheep on the simple solution! “Autarky” = Protectionism = interest free banking = 100% employment with public works and “agrarian production” = The Gottfried Feder economic model bingo!!

    But this won’t happen if the solution is silenced into obscurity in order to keep it from public knowledge who are kept in a continuous shadow boxing loop.


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