recent links of interest – July, 2020

Has science been corrupted by money, politics and ideology?  This linked article is worth reading:

COVER-UP: The Sordid History Of Scam Science – By Robert E. Wright


Here is an interesting post by another blogger on our spiritual nature from a Vedic perspective:

The Real You (it’s not your body)


An informative post on the multiple benefits of meditation:

MIND GAMES: The Power of Meditation – By Dr. Joseph Mercola


The Chinese communist regime is oppressing the Tibetan people, the Uighurs, the Mongols (of Inner Mongolia), and the Manchus (of Manchuria).  Here is one recent post that tells of the silence by some (alleged) human rights groups on the abuses of China.

Time Save The Children Broke Its Silence On China’s Mass Abuse Of Uyghur Children


Here is a tribute to true masculinity (written by a woman):

a tribute to true masculinity


Have you heard of the “greatest generation”, those American men who went off to fight World War II?  It turns out that they were not so great in terms of moral character and moral behavior.  As we have already, in previous posts in earlier years, pointed out the many horrific Allied atrocities and war crimes committed during and after the war (which we rarely, if ever, hear about), we today simply link to this post on the mass rapes committed not just by the Red hordes of Stalin, but also by the Americans.  We wonder if any of these noble, righteous and brave American soldiers ever told anyone back home of their sexual and violent crimes against civilian women and girls (French and German).  We note here that the estimate in this article of 2 million women raped may in fact be much lower than the true figure.  Reader discretion is advised.

WWII – Allied rape fest


Lastly, we link to a post by an African American who tells us that the media is the enemy of black people for not reporting on the real threats and problems in black communities across the nation.  He also tells us more about Black Lives Matter than we hear from the news media in the US.

Afro-American says media is enemy of blacks


Our feature image is from our May, 2016 visit to Canyonlands National Park in Utah (in the Needles section of the park).



end of post


  1. I’d say science is pretty corrupted. Why not? Most science ardently warned against the kind of world we have now a hundred years ago. Can’t have anyone dissenting the “truth.”

    Also. A good friend of mine was a rape victim. German. She was born the year the war ended. Apparently the GI occupiers didn’t lose their taste for rape overnight.

    If you are ever curious of a Pagan racialist’s perspective on corrupt science…

    1. Thanks for your comment. I just saw a great quote from Mike King, the author of the banned classic, The Bad War, Here it is:

      “”Fake History is the Fake News that has passed into the rear-view mirror.”” – Mike King

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