Breaking: more forbidden truth about Corona Virus and related vaccines

Stop and think – if you can think, and read these 2 linked posts.  What ought we call those who continuously lie to us about very serious health issues and other important topics?  Perhaps it is appropriate to call them the mind rapists, as they are screwing with our minds.

Goofy, power mad Bill Gates is a major player in this Corona Virus vaccine scam.  Read the below link.  (We read previously that Bill and Melinda Gates did not allow their children to be vaccinated years ago.  We wonder: why?)

Important:  Our advice to readers and concerned citizens is to not get this vaccine when it becomes available, especially so if you are in your child bearing years. It may be able to alter your genetic material, your DNA.  And, we beg you not to have your children vaccinated.  Do not curse them with serious and life long health issues from this vaccine.  Do not go along with this scheme of medical power and control, transhumanism and GMO humans.

Bill Gates’ final solution for mankind


From northern Queensland, Australia, we have this post that is striking in its implications:

Everyone will test positive, Telstra’s 5G enhances Covid – conclusive Exosome evidence


 Since the discovery of the exosome, over 200 microbiologists have been murdered, committed suicide or died in a suspicious manner.

Makes a person wonder if there is not something very seriously wrong with the narrative that we are fed on a daily basis.  But it is better to be safe than sorry, and to not wait until the truth becomes widely known – which may be years away.

Reject this vaccine nonsense to save and preserve your health and the health of those you love.

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