the rhythms of life and other thoughts

Children, off from school for summer break, ought to be out playing (riding bikes, sports, swimming, etc.) and helping out with household chores.  In normal times, families would be taking their annual holiday or vacation.  But, life is not normal now, and the so-called “new” normal will not resemble what we all think of as normal.

This next statement was in a fortune cookie from a recent visit to an Asian restaurant.

Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.

The expected and usual rhythms of life have been badly disrupted for most of us in the Western world these past few months.  But, even prior to this period, many people have been seduced into living a life disconnected from nature.  We seek “virtual” pleasure and escape via Iphones and television.  We substitute text messages or phone calls for human to human interactions.  Perhaps, for our mental health we need to cut back on artificial living and seek simpler, more authentic lifestyles.

We can consciously choose to make changes in how we engage life.  We do not have to follow the herd and become ever more estranged from nature and natural living.



personal reflections

Half a century or more ago, when I was in the 5th grade, there was much concern, even worry, about pressing problems in the world.  Back then, the major concerns were environmental pollution and human population increase.  Many rather frightening paper back books with dire predictions for the future came out in the late 1960s and very early 1970s.  Yet, the world survived.  Make no mistake: we are not being flippant or cavalier about the damage done to the environment and animal habitats in the past half century by reckless human actions.  We are merely pointing out that the dire predictions proved to be too pessimistic.

The winter of 1976-7 was a particularly harsh one in the eastern portion of North America.  Soon after, there were articles prophesying a coming ice age.  Oddly, about a dozen years later, the very same proponents of a coming ice age switched to forecasting global warming.  Yet, now, 30 years later, the ice sheets have not melted and the seas have not risen.  (Though we are told that in 12 years time, it will all be over for mankind unless we act decisively right now, today.)

My point here is that responsible citizens need to keep a cool head and maintain a healthy skepticism as regards dire doom and gloom predictions.  And, this is good advice for the current and continuing hysteria over the Corona Virus.

As to the worsening situation in many major cities here in the US, it is hard to see reasons for optimism at this time.  Clearly, this ongoing violence, 2 months on, is not about the death of George Floyd.  We have a well organized nationwide network of anarchists and likely Marxists at work here.  Note, too, that most of these mobs confronting police are young white people.  (Perhaps the young black folks are busy looting local businesses?  It is hard to say.)

The fact that the situation is deteriorating in our cities should not surprise us.  Local police departments have had their ability to control such situations greatly reduced.  When police are ordered to stand down and not aggressively disperse unruly, violent crowds and make necessary arrests, the mob, much like school yard bullies, is emboldened.  Do not expect this situation to improve after the election.  These anarchist groups are well funded by various malevolent billionaires.

The revolutionary must destroy the old order.  And, revolutionaries have succeeded in the past in destroying nation states and cultures.  But, they can never deliver on their dreams of building utopias.  The reformer wants to make corrections and changes in the existing system.  It is easier to pursue constructive change than to tear the present system down and start from scratch.

America today, as splintered, divided and demoralized as it is, makes me think that it is a mix of Weimar Germany in the 1920s, and Rhodesia before it fell to Marxists and became Zimbabwei.  Weimar Germany was bankrupt and economically devastated, and the people became demoralized and depraved as they lived in terrible conditions amidst increasing political instability, even chaos, and there was violence in the streets of various German cities.  Rhodesia suffered much violence from the communist trained terrorist factions that viciously attacked the farmers and then made their way to the cities.  Black Marxist majority rule was a nightmare for both blacks and whites.

Can children have a normal and healthy childhood in these times?  They may not even be allowed to go back to school for many more months.  Can young people, who hope to marry, plan with confidence for a promising future?  The natural rhythms of life are being distorted by all this crap that is going on.  But, what if enough people just stood up and said “Enough!”?  Would mass civil disobedience be enough to rein in the out of control medical establishment and government at all levels to end this economic dislocation over a strain of the flu*?  Could a majority of people, who desire a return to sanity and an end to senseless violence and destruction in our cities, go out and take back the streets of their neighborhoods and communities?  Do not count on government solving these problems.  Every government approach always seems to require a loss of more of our true freedoms.

*The longer this media hyped hysteria continues over the Corona Virus, the more it makes me believe that it is being pursued for political purposes and has little to do with genuine concern for public health and safety.  There is an agenda in play, and so far, it has done much damage to people’s lives.

If the country can be saved, it will require a lot of people getting up off the sofa and getting involved, making personal sacrifices and enduring some difficulties.

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