remembering the 1980s while living in the year 2020

We were young.  We were exuberant.  We were optimistic and idealistic.  We even thought that we could change the world back then, in the 1980s.  We were a bit naive.

We worked in office towers, and we wore business suits.  We pumped iron and drank protein drinks.  On the weekends. we partied and saw our girl friends (who later became wives in many cases). We worked on our cars.  The world’s problems seemed remote and did not affect us.  HIV-AIDS and Hepatitis-C did not kill millions after all.  Not everyone was addicted to crack cocaine.

Yet, there is no doubt that life, although far from perfect in the US, was better back in the 1980s than it is now, today.  It is much easier to live during a period when things are getting better, or at least seem to be getting better (rising expectations), than to live during times of declining quality of life and vanishing hopes.

The music was better during the 1980s.  (Read the many listener comments on YouTube for various music videos from that decade.  Many folks agree.)  These are some of the musical groups or bands that were putting out songs that young people were singing in the shower during the decade: Duran Duran, Thompson Twins, Wang Chung, Tears for Fears, The Bangles, Simple Minds, De Barge, Madonna, and even Culture Club.

And, we cannot overlook some of the one hit wonders of the decade such as Spandau Ballet (with True), and Sheila E (with The Glamorous Life).

Even several solo artists and groups from the 1970s continued delivering good music in the 1980s, albeit they took their music in different directions from their previous work.  Donna Summer, Chicago, Rush and Santana come quickly to mind.

Do you need or want a distraction now from these depressing times?  Zone out to the music videos from the 1980s.  The music still sounds so good after so many years.

Even though this is an image (below) from just a few years ago, it calls to mind our time working in the 1980s in the financial district of San Francisco.  After the terrible recession of 1981-1983, young people were able to get good jobs, they made money, they got married and bought their first homes, and were confident about the future.  Life was good.  The music of those years encouraged a light hearted, fairly care free enjoyment of day to day living.  We did not hear of student debt back then as the cost of going to college was much, much less during that time.  There were problems, yes, but nothing seemed too severe or that these could not be solved in time.



brief thoughts on life in 2020

What about living in 2020?  Well, we all know that it is bad, and it seems like life and society will get worse.  In addition to all the needless suffering and dislocation of human lives these past several months, we must speak out and condemn this (continuing) primitive, superstitious and cruel treatment of animals through kosher and halal methods of slaughter.  What a freaking primitive concept of God these folks have, and, yes, I dare say that even if it offends.  Those that start with tormenting defenseless animals (to propitiate or appease their god) often graduate to committing heinous atrocities on human beings.



What future will the young children here stateside have?  The country is so divided that it will likely never achieve unity of purpose and healthy social cohesion again.  The society is hopelessly fragmented, and this was achieved by design.  As well, the economy has suffered serious damage that will not be cured in the short term despite what the politicos will tell us.  Even prior to these punitive economic lock downs, the national debt time bomb was ticking and can no longer be kicked down the road.  Looking out into the future, America will become a less free, and a less prosperous nation.  It is difficult to be optimistic in these terrible, trying times.

Here is a good article that was re-posted recently on another blog website.  It is a thought provoking piece and worth reading.


Crash the Economy, Burn the Cities, Infect the People: the Evil Plan to Remake America


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