organic civilization and the Jews


Long before I began reading books by others on the Jewish question or problem, I had become – through observation and experience – Jew-wise or Jew-aware.  Once a person becomes aware, there is no going back to the state of blissful ignorance.  Reading the works of other such aware writers only served to reinforce and broaden my awareness of Jewish power and its destructive effects upon Western societies.

Now, there are folks who will say  “But I know some Jews who are decent people . . .”  That sentiment does not take into account Jews’ collective behavior across the globe which serves only Jewish interests at the expense of host societies.

Jewish identity (and group cohesion) today is heavily imprinted by the existence of the state of Israel, and by the so-called holocaust.  Jews, both religious and atheist, Zionist and non-Zionist, and across the political spectrum come together to support Israel and its actions without reservation, and to commemorate the event which gives Jews the status of perpetual persecution victims.  Victimhood status has served to blunt criticism of Jews and Jewish actions the world over.  (Note how Netenyahu never fails to chide and shame international bodies with the claim “SIX MILLION Jews were murdered”.)

main thesis

How might have Western civilization developed organically in the past 100+ years without the Jewish influence acting upon it?  This is a question that from time to time comes to my mind as I consider the current and deeply troubled state of Western culture.

Jewish political power is clearly visible here in the US.  If you doubt this power, why then is it obligatory (in a de facto sense) that all presidential candidates, and even many Congressional candidates have to make their obeisances at various AIPAC functions?  As well, Jewish money (from both individuals and Jewish groups) in the form of contributions to campaigns is a major factor in US politics as Jews donate significantly more money than any other group.

Once in a great while, Jews make Freudian slips of the tongue and admit, even obliquely, their power.  After the April, 1995 bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL, a US based Jewish pressure group) took out an ad in, I seem to recall, the New York Times.  In this ad, they made the assertion or claim that any person who was anti-government in the US was “anti-Semitic”.  This linking of the federal government of the US with Jews is revealing.

As Jews have greatly consolidated their power in the US over recent decades, they will from time to time openly boast of their power as this quote indicates.

“I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government.  I just care that we get to keep running them.”  – from an opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times, “How Jewish is Hollywood?”, December 19, 2008, by Joel Stein, as quoted in Debating the Holocaust (2020) by Thomas Dalton on pages 267-8.


See links and resources at bottom for more on Jewish views of their power and mission.

Throughout Western history, there have been many prominent critics of Jews and their actions.  Here is a quote from Voltaire in the 18th century:

“The Jews are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and Germans are born with blond hair.  I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race.” – quote from Eternal Strangers: Critical Views of Jews and Judaism through the Ages (2020), by Thomas Dalton, p. 72.

A prophetic warning?

We will not catalog the various actions and schemes of the Jews in this essay.  As well, we will not provide examples which prove the grossly disproportionate* and destructive influence and power that Jews undeniably wield in the Western world, especially and most importantly here in the US, the world’s lone military superpower.  This has been thoroughly done time and again by other writers and researchers** (in recent years, most notably by Herve Ryssen, Thomas Dalton, and E. Michael Jones).  We have touched on this at times in previous posts here on this blog.  (The interested reader and concerned citizen can look under our category “Great Books and Authors” to find some of these past posts.  Or, simply type in the word “Jews” in the search box for some of our earlier critiques of Jews on this blog.)  We note in passing, that Bolshevism or communism, call it what you will, was the product of Jewish revolutionaries, and Jews made up the vast majority of the Soviet government’s highest levels in the first 3 decades after the 1917 revolution.  Communism was responsible for many tens of millions of deaths in the 20th century.

* Even in the US, Jews make up only about 2 per cent of the population, yet they dominate through ownership and key executive positions the entertainment industry, the news media (both television and print), and are grossly over represented in key government positions (3 out of 9 Supreme Court justices are Jews) and in major Wall Street investment and banking firms.

** It is difficult to obtain many of these titles that are critical of Jews,  These are often only available from small independent publishers as there is increasing censorship on Amazon and other major online book sellers.  Charges or smears of “anti-Semitism” by Jewish pressure groups is usually all that is required for inconvenient works to be banned.  (As of this writing, Dalton’s recent, well-researched works are still available in the US through, but these could be banned at any time.)  We are not allowed to think critically and independently on some taboo topics.  (Consider Jewish control (direct or indirect through pressure groups) of big tech companies such as Google (which owns YouTube), and Facebook (which owns Twitter).  How about all videos and articles that are taken down because these somehow violate online “community guidelines”?)

Why do Jews engage in schemes and power plays that do harm to their host societies?  Read the Talmud.  In it, one finds a bifurcated set of ethics*** that instructs Jews that to harm other Jews is wrong and forbidden, but to harm (read: lie to, cheat, rob, beat, rape, or kill) the goyim (non-Jews, literally meaning “cattle”) is morally licit or acceptable.  Jewish Supremacism is given divine sanction in the Talmud.  One also finds many very vile passages attacking Christ and Christians in the Talmud.

*** It is instructive to be aware that Islam also possesses such a bifurcated set of ethics such that all manner of harm, injury and injustice can be inflicted upon non-Muslims (the “infidel”, or non-believers).

There are 2 relevant questions to consider here.

Can Western Civilization survive given the quite powerful influence of the Jews over Western societies today?

Can Christians build an authentic Christian culture when Jews are present within the society?  (The actions of Jews at every turn work to undermine Christian values.)

These are no idle questions.  This is not the speculation of ivory tower philosophers, or of church men who are largely estranged from reality.  The 20th century was the time when Jewish power reached its greatest strength and scope within the Western world.  The West’s failure to confront this Jewish power helps us to understand why we see so much cultural rot and social decay in the West today.

We cannot have truly organic civilization in the West if Jews maintain their current level of power over Western societies.

Western civilization must free itself from Jewish cultural domination.

As well, there can be no authentic Christian civilization where Jews are allowed to dominate so many spheres of the culture (finance/banking, entertainment, news media, academia, etc.)  Consider how the Jewish Institute for Social Research (aka Frankfurt School) gave us the so-called sexual revolution.  As well, feminism was hijacked and radicalised in the 1960s by Jewesses.  Christians must stop serving Jewish interests.  Christian Zionists, of which there are several tens of millions here in the US, are faux Christians, who need to see their errors and reject this near worship of Jews.  (See the recent talks and writings of former Christian Zionist, Pastor Chuck Baldwin.)

Christianity did not grow out of what modern Judaism is.  Christians need to school themselves on just who and what the Jews of today are.  They are no friends to Christianity or to Christians.  There is no “common ground” with the Jews of today.  They are not “our elder brothers in the faith” (that assertion is demonstrably false).

Here is a short book (image below) that I purchased on Amazon in the summer of 2018.  It is now not to be found on Amazon or any other online bookseller.  The author’s premise is that the Catholic Church will never see any progress in its fight on various moral (or so-called “social”) issues if it does not openly identify the active enemy of its positions – the Jews (per the author).



In the privacy of your own thoughts, think about it!

links and resources

A not widely known paper by a leading European Zionist Jew from the 1920s is linked to below.  It tells the world that the Jews are the destroyers of cultures.  Again, this was written and published by a leading Jewish thinker of the time.

you gentiles by Maurice Samuel

For Christians, here is one of our posts on the threat that Jews pose to Christian culture and values:

the social kingship of Christ and the Jewish problem for authentic Christians

From Andrea, a Slavic woman blogger, we have this recent post:

white agency demands whites think and act independently of Jewish agendas and demands

end of post

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  1. Excellent post, Larry! This is indeed the foremost problem of today, by a HUGE margin! Solve the Jew Problem, and all other problems drop rapidly to the side.

    Forwarding this to my email readers.

    1. Thanks Stephen for your comment. Yes, more people have to become aware of this and begin to push back. Thomas Dalton in his book, Eternal Strangers: Critical Views of Jews and Judaism through the Ages (2020) makes several suggestions as to how to reduce Jewish power over our culture and country. But, it is difficult to make progress here in the US because of the faux Christians known as Christian Zionists and Evangelicals who are so infatuated with the Jews. Christianity did not develop out of what modern Judaism (Talmudism) is – that is why I do not ever use the term “Judeo-Christian” as it is misleading and deceptive. The Jews are enemies of Christian culture and values.

      Here is the link to Alibris for the above book. Thomas Dalton’s books are available, for now, on Alibris. You cannot find them on Amazon as they are taboo and banned.

      Here, also is the link to another of his great books, The Jewish Hand in the World Wars:

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