Hiroshima and Nagasaki 75 years on

The world now observes the 75th anniversary since the atomic bombings of 2 Japanese cities.  Here are some thoughts that we now offer.

After the Japanese-American musical group, Hiroshima, visited the site of the first atomic bombing, they wrote the song, Thousand Cranes – a poignant story of a child in hospital who thought that if she folded one thousand origami paper cranes (as in the bird), she would be healed from her radiation sickness.  Sadly, she died before she reached her goal of one thousand paper cranes.  The song is a haunting song with an undercurrent of hope.



Despite 75 years of propaganda that the atomic bombings were necessary to conclude the war in the Pacific and in Asia against Imperial Japan, and the rationalization that the bombings saved countless American military lives that would have been lost in an invasion of the Japanese home islands, the horror of the bombings still persists, and can never be forgotten.  We must never forget the innocent victims, and we fervently hope their souls have found peace.

No human beings should ever be subjected to these weapons.  (These should not even be tested on livestock or other animals.)  View the newsreel footage of the horribly mutilated and burned people at these 2 cities.  You cannot avoid being moved by the searing and poignant images.

The victorious Allies held vindictive war crimes trials after the war.  One of the indictments at the trials in Nuremberg, Germany was waging war on civilian population centers (i.e. waging war on non-combatants).  Yet, the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki clearly were such war crimes.  As well, the Americans and the British bombed Hamburg, and Dresden, and literally dozens of other German cities relentlessly in the last years of the war.  The Americans likely killed more persons in their fire bombing of Tokyo in March, 1945 than were killed in any other bombings in the entire war.  This air campaign against cities is called by some the Allied terror bombing campaign (war crimes by the definition of such in the indictments at Nuremberg).

We note that the 2 cities chosen for destruction in August, 1945 were the 2 cities in Japan with a Christian minority in residence.  We are told that Nagasaki was a secondary or tertiary target for the second bomb, and that it was bad weather over the primary target of Kokura that led to Nagasaki being bombed.  That may or may not be true.  The fingerprints of Masonry, including President Truman (a 33rd Degree Freemason), are all over the atomic bombings.

We are sometimes told that the atomic bombings were needed so that the Soviet Union would not be able to occupy more of Northeast Asia at the time.  But, that is hard to swallow given that the US was begging Stalin to enter the war against Japan as early as possible after the end of the war in Europe.  Stalin had agreed to move against Japan within 3 months of the end of fighting in Europe.  I guess he was allowing sufficient time for his Red hordes to rape and pillage a defeated Germany, Austria and Hungary.  (We also note that Churchill and Roosevelt had gifted many east and central European nations to Stalin at the Yalta Conference, and Truman reaffirmed this at the Potsdam Conference in July, 1945.  Did the Allies have the right to do this?  Clearly not, unless you accept the old amoral adage that “might makes right”.  As a result, formerly Christian nations were forcibly Bolshevized.)

(Some historians argue that it was just that, the Soviet entry into the war against Japan that was decisive in forcing the Japanese to accept unconditional surrender to the US.  The Soviets had moved into Manchuria and defeated the Japanese army there.  The Japanese ardently desired the survival of their monarchy with their demigod emperor, Hirohito.  A Soviet partition/occupation of part of Japan would have lessened the chance that the monarchy would be allowed to survive.  Another item to be aware of as regards the American approach to the Soviets during the war is that if General Patton had not been held back, he would have taken Berlin and the rest of what became East Germany keeping the Red Army out of Germany, and thus the Cold War might have been on a smaller scale.)

As regards the idea that the relentless bombings of cities hastened the end of the war, we refer the interested reader to A C Grayling’s book, Among the Dead Cities.  The Allies knew during the war that the bombing campaign was not hastening the end of the war.  But, during war, a blood lust is inculcated in political leaders and military men.  (The Allies were not so noble and virtuous.)

Nuclear weapons are a curse upon humanity and mankind must live with these now indefinitely into the future.  An item to be aware of is that the official list of nation states which possess atomic weapons omits Israel.  Yet, even before the mid 1980s and the revelations of Mordechai Vanunu, much of the world knew that the Israelis had the “bomb”.

The below book was found in a used bookstore more than 30 years ago.  It was written by a man who went to Japan soon after the bombings and met survivors of the events.



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    1. Yes, and the American Empire has never looked back. But, if the dollar collapses as the world’s reserve currency, a distinct possibility in the coming years, then the Empire will collapse.

    1. American Mike King thinks so too, and addressed this yesterday. Clearly, Israel has been concerned about Lebanon in recent weeks, and, of course, we must ask: Who benefits from greater destruction or instability in Lebanon and, for that matter, Syria?

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