timely links for thinking on

Here now are 7 linked articles and blog posts that are worth reading and thinking on.  Take your pick and enjoy.  And, feel free to share any of these links with other interested persons.

the Corona Virus and the irrational responses to it

The title of this first linked post says it all.


The Covid-19 “Big Lie”: Is This What You Want for Your Children?


This virus hysteria is being used to strip us of our true freedoms and our economic prosperity.


CODENAME: Operation Virus Identification 2019; the Elitist Plan to Remake Society


We urge readers and concerned citizens to resist and reject compulsory vaccinations which are likely coming in the months ahead.

the corrupt and incompetent US mainstream media making things much worse


It’s Not Happening: The Mainstream Media Is the Enabler of American Dysfunction


the global warming scam being exposed



forbidden history of modern Palestine


How Israel Wages Its War on Palestinian History


the Kennedy assassinations

KILL THE MESSENGER: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Admits The CIA Killed His Father & Uncle


Pelosi to assume the Presidency?

A line from this interesting article is:  “A big crisis that SEIU is aware of, is that Biden is unelectable and cannot win.”


The Storm Is Here: Pelosi Prepares to Be Appointed President – Trump’s Fight Against Total Chaos


Our feature image is from May, 2016, and Arches National Park, Utah, USA.



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