5 ways modern women sabotage their success with marriage—before and after they say “I do”

Will these marriages weather the storm of the 2020s? And, how will the continued breakdown of the family impact an already fractured society?

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(source) The first indication you’re talking to a married member of the modern generation is when the wife or husband says, “We’re pregnant.”Couples in the past would never dream of saying something so silly—because men do not get pregnant. But to the modern generation (those who are younger than, say, 40), there are no distinctions between women and men. They are one and the same.

This mindset, this bogus philosophy about sexual sameness, permeates their relationships and undermines their ability to be successfully married. It’s the reason that five to ten years after they’ve been married (if it even takes that long) they call me for coaching.

Below are 5 ways modern women sabotage their success with marriage—both before and after they say “I do”:

1.They delay any thought of settling down until they’re up against the biological clock.Due to the bogus belief that women…

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