our leaders: estrangement from reality and mental illness

When a person is estranged from, or disconnected from reality, and thus cannot form an accurate perception of reality, and yet is unaware (ignorant) of their estrangement – is that a form of mental illness?

Yes, such a condition indicates mental illness, and serious impairment of judgment.

This condition is not as rare an one might think among our leaders.  Church leaders often given evidence of such estrangement from reality.  Many church men inhabit a normative, theoretical world that is largely detached from the practical day to day lived experiences of the common man and woman.  But, this mental state is not limited to ivory tower religious individuals.

Many political leaders and media talking heads, blinded by a fanatical and zealous adherence to ideology (a substitute for religion for many in today’s world), are also disconnected from reality and live in a perpetual state of denial as to the failings of their dearly held ideology.  That may be why we do not hear of any Democrats coming out and condemning the worsening violence and senseless destruction in a growing number of American cities today.  (Much of the news media refuse to cover this ongoing crisis.)  It makes one wonder who are the worse villains here: the violent thugs acting out their bestial urges each night in the cities, the cowardly and warped elected office holders that are enablers of the thugs, or the mindless idiots that keep voting the same losers into office election after election after election.

The whole situation makes me sick, literally, with a visceral reaction.  It is best that I conclude this post soon.  But, we recall the old adage “The lunatics are running the asylum.” as apropos to the situation today in the U.S.

featured video

This woman, Kim Klacik, in the below viral video is both bright and articulate.  As well, she has confidence and demonstrates that she has courage behind her convictions.  Another black person has left the ideological plantation.  She laid a smack down on the Democrats running Baltimore (and many other US cities) into the ground.  (Disclaimer:  My linking to this video does not imply that I agree with all of Ms. Klacik’s positions on various diverse issues.)



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  1. she will not win that seat. 1- significance of it to democrats, the D candidate, and the district.

    Klacik is gearing for something else down the road. She is running for federal office on a Baltimore problem. She’s a made candidate propped up because of $$ and the clickbait factor

    1. Be that as it indeed may be, it is good that someone is forcing the issues with these Democrats. As we see, others are asking when are these mayors going to jail? What is meant is the mayors that are refusing to allow their police to deal effectively with these rioters, arsonists, looters, etc. and who are also refusing federal help.

      1. Yes, and that is a pity as these criminals ought to be held to account, including doing prison time. But, regrettably, the politicos are effectively above the law, and that informs us the system is corrupt. In Pelosi’s case, she is criminally insane and ought to be institutionalized.

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