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Alan Watts once wrote in one of his books that in each moment of life it is like we are on the crest of a breaking wave, or some words to that effect.  Every moment is new and can be filled with wonder and is not predictable, and comes with no guarantees.  We are always insecure as there is no true security in life.  But, we can learn to live fully in that insecurity.  That is Sunday zen.  Now, we move on to our theme for today.



Recently, a neighbor down the street put a sign in their front yard for the walk away campaign.  I had not heard of this before, so I went online to find out about it.  (We include a relevant link below.)  Apparently, it is (effectively) a growing support group for disaffected rank and file Democrat voters who wish to leave the party, and break free from the enforced orthodoxy or dogma of the hard Left.  (Leftist ideology is not pragmatic.  It does not work.  Continued doubling down on this failed ideological program does not make it work.)

For any readers who are disillusioned with the extremes to which the Democrat Party has moved over the past 20+ years, you might want to read the testimonials from a very diverse group of Americans who have been where you are now, and have consciously chosen to walk away from the group think and the intolerance of the Democrat Party.  One of the founders of this campaign is openly gay as are many who have joined the campaign.  (I always thought that there was some support for Trump within the LGBTQX community.)  But, this is not a campaign exclusively for LGBTQX voters.  Read the testimonials from old and young, black and white and Hispanic, male and female individuals (see link below).

The lesson here is that you can leave the group think and walk away from the grotesque and quite harmful extremes of the hard Left which controls the Democrat Party and the puppet candidate known as Joe Biden (a dinosaur that ought to have stepped aside).  Others have walked away and become independents, you can, too.  Yes, there are many problems with President Trump, and many positions and actions of his that can be legitimately criticized, but at this time, the prospect of a Biden presidency is very worrisome given the extremes to which the Democrat Party has moved.  Make no mistake: those on the Left are not competent to play moral arbiter for us as they are some of the biggest hypocrites on the planet.

I do not know these neighbors of the yard sign, who have only recently moved into our neighborhood.  Are they former Californians moved to Texas?  (The builder noted that some of his recent home sales were to Californians.)  Californios coming in large numbers to Texas does concern me.  We do not want to see them Californicate Texas, and turn it into an ideological plantation like the one that we so recently walked away from by physically relocating.  But, if these Californios have walked away from Leftist group think, and are now thinking independently, then they are not a threat to our way of life here in the south central section of the country.

links of interest

For testimonials from voters, who have “walked away”, click on this link:

We include here our post from several years back about how polls or opinion surveys are used in the US.

The polls on the presidential election are suspect.

This next linked post is insightful commentary on the current situation in the US.


After Kenosha — Divided We Stand


Another hard hitting piece worth thinking on:

Biden’s Speech: Use COVID to Destroy Everything, Blame Trump


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  1. When you rip away the mask, the phony facade of people like Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris you see their true face revealed – one of arrogance, deceit and betrayal. That is the modern Left – obsessed with power and control over our lives.

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