interesting post on what the electoral college map is indicating

With the election just 9 weeks out now, we are linking to an interesting post from another blogger on the current view of the electoral college.  Remember how in 2016 we were all led to believe that Hillary Clinton was a slam dunk for winning on election day?  We now know the polls were wrong – dead wrong.  And, it appears the same is true this time around.  (Recall the dazed, stunned and incredulous looks on the faces of those at the hotel in New York, where Hillary was to come out and proclaim victory, when the electoral college scoreboard tallied Trump 254 and Hillary 214 with several states yet undecided on election night 2016?!)

Trump is gaining traction among Hispanic voters, the fastest growing demographic in the country.  This is not surprising as many Hispanics are small business owners.  Trump will easily double his small share of the black vote and that will be the difference in the several states that he narrowly lost four years ago.  White suburban women voters are a wild card here, so to speak, but with Trump’s gains in other groups, and his lead among men, they are not as vital as some might think.  But, the important thing to pay attention to now is momentum.  Biden is still ahead in the polls being bandied about by the MSM, but even in their polls the momentum is clearly shifting rapidly to Trump.

I would add one more thing to the post below.  Colorado and Virginia are now in play.  The Democrats in Virginia have so over played their hand in this nutty Corona Virus lock down of that state, that voters will punish their state officials (who are not up for election this year) by voting for Trump.  The same is true in Michigan where governor Gretchen Witmer has played petty tyrant for several months now.  Trump now has multiple paths to the 270 total he needs to be re-elected.  (Look for Maine and New Hampshire possibly going to Trump on election night.)

Could things change in the coming weeks?  Sure.  But, barring a financial crisis pushed by some of the Wall Street elites who hate Trump, this election looks like a major win for Trump.  And, Pelosi may not be Speaker of the House come January.  (Biden’s playing the race card does not appear to be sufficient to retake the momentum.)  There is one other factor that cannot be overlooked or dismissed out of hand.  That is the push for mail in voting in as many states as possible.  If this is not carefully managed and administered, there could be massive vote fraud (ballot harvesting, ballot destruction, nursing home fraud, etc. that have all occurred previously) that could give Biden a victory through fraud.

Let me be clear: we are not endorsing anyone at this time as we detest the 2 corrupt major parties.  But, considering how Joe Biden has cynically used the black voters all his adult life to win elections, and then never did anything of substance for them, it is hard to desire his election.  As well, do we want a puppet president next year, a man, who does not give any evidence that he has ever had an original thought in his adult life?  Biden may have lost the election when he chose to make a deal with Sanders, et al of the “progressive” wing of his party on their 100 page platform.  By doing so, he alienated millions of independents that he needs to win.  The debates will be entertaining, but even those for Biden admit that they have low expectations for him.


Did Trump’s Federalism Just Win Him the Election?


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    1. Let’s be clear and real here: The US is in the latter stages of social decay, and things likely, sorry to say, will get worse in the coming years. Personally, I do not want the zealots on the Left in charge in the coming years because they will make things even worse.

  1. Maine and NH are more likely to go R than Virginia. VA is too deep blue up north to ever go red again. This year’s gun protests proved that.

    Hispanic population won’t affect electoral college. Watch as H areas vote D locally though, even if Trump wins the overall district.

    1. It will be interesting how this plays out. As to the Hispanics, yes, the majority will vote Democrat, but the item I was noting was that Trump looks to pick up a higher percentage of Hispanic or Latino voters. If so, that will make a difference in his favor in some key states. Yes, Trump will lose those heavily Hispanic districts, but may win states like Colorado, and Florida (always a key state). Texas stays red for sure.

  2. Republican are destroying this county and they are entirely corrupt and incompetent. So sad that they are even hurting their own supporters

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