recent links in a degraded world

Paranoia strikes deep

Into your life it will creep

It starts when you’re always afraid . . .

lyrics from For What It’s Worth, by Buffalo Springfield, 1967

Fear is a very destructive emotion which leads to bad decisions.  A good article here:

FEAR FACTOR: The Wages Of Perpetual Fear – By Paul Rosenberg


Here are some beautiful images from Queensland, Australia:

Heron island ~ Queensland


Bill Gates, a power hungry, moral cretin (aka an oligarch), is up to mischief again:

FOOD FRAUD: Gates Foundation Is Also Destroying Africa’s Food Economy – By F. William Engdahl


A Russian documentary exposes the harmful, worldwide LGBTQ agenda.

Major Russian TV Documentary Film Exposes LGBT Lobby, Moral Decay of West


Originally posted on the Unz Review website, we have this thought provoking and very insightful post by Gilad Atzmon.  There is good commentary on religion in this post.  It is always helpful to govern one’s religious or ideological fervor with reason.

Apocalypse Now!


Another insightful post here:

You Can Have Peace or The US Empire. You Can’t Have Both


“Silence is violence”, at least that is what the mob in the streets is chanting.  Andrea takes a different perspective on this:

White silence is violence – yes, white silence about Jewish Supremacism is violence against Palestinians and victims of Zionist imperialism


Our feature image is from a house plant that we had to gift to a relative when we moved last year.



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